An Excel Formula to Avoid a #VALUE! Error

If you’re using Excel, this one may be for you.

In M15, you need a formula that multiplies quantity (in, let’s say,  K15) by price (in, let’s say,  L15), but the price column also contains text entries such as Out of stock.  So the formula K15*L15 is not satisfactory because when you multiply a number by a text value (such as “Out of stock”) you get the #VALUE! error.

You could use an IF function to check for text, but there is a shorter solution.

The N function has a single argument: a value. It returns the value if the value is a number, or 0 if the value is text.

So, in M15, use the formula =K15*N(L15).

Thanks to Able Owl Excel tips for this one.

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