Identity & Access Management Project Update

What is changing for existing staff and visitors!

IAM Project
IAM Project

The Identity & Access Management Programme (IAM Programme) is replacing the aging and unsupported back end solution of the current IDMS system with the aim to modernise and future proof the IAM solution within UC.

To see what is changing for which group at UC, visit the IAM Project Intranet site (staff access only) .

Benefits of the new solution are:

Providing single sign on capability – sign on once for multiple IT applications,

Faster provisioning of default access for new staff, visitors and students,

Enhancing Self-Service – new Assyst tiles for requesting additional access to resources,

The ability to streamline Access Management Services – get access to systems more easily with automation, which can be enhanced in future,

Better protecting identity and access information while the user experience is ensured,

More quickly synchronising password changes with downstream systems,

The solution is adaptable and can grow with the needs of UC,

Integrating new IT systems more easily.

By the end of this year a new IAM platform will be implemented, replacing the current solution.

With the new solution the following changes will be made for existing staff and visitors:

  • A new password tool is coming.
  • You will be able to re-set your password yourself via the new password tool if you no longer remember your password. The password tool is available 24/7. You no longer need to contact the IT Service Desk during working hours.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be enabled,
  • Single sign on capability for multiple IT applications will be enabled,
  • A new Assyst tile for requesting additional access to resources (e.g. All Staff Mailing List, additional Network Drive access etc.) will be made available,
  • Default provisioning for new staff and visitor access will be quicker
  • A new visitor database behind the scenes will be implemented and visitor records will no longer be entered into UCPeople/PeopleSoft .
  • New Visitor records and extensions to visitors will be made via the Service Request for Visitors (UC staff access only), which will be integrated to the new visitor database.
  • The visitor process ownership will move from HR to ITS

If you have any questions regarding the IAM Programme, please do not hesitate to email us at

Ngā mihi nui

The IAM Project Team

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