Volunteer at the Children’s University Graduation!

The inaugural Children’s University Canterbury Partnership graduation ceremony is coming up and the Children’s University team is looking for volunteers!

The graduation will be held at the Christchurch Town Hall on Wednesday 20 November at 6:00pm.

Volunteers will need to be available between 4:30-7:30pm.

Roles include helping children get into their gowns, ushering children, assisting the stage party and greeting VIPs.

To register your interest, click here>

For more information please contact Amy on amy.underdown@canterbury.ac.nz

UC’s Summer School – enrolment for courses starting in January now open

Do you know any students who could benefit from getting ahead over summer?

Enrolment are now open for all UC’s Summer School courses, including the courses starting in January 2020.

Summer study is a great way for students to shorten the time it takes to complete their degree, retake a course they failed during the year, spread their workload or pick up a prerequisite course.

There are over 100 courses available for November and January start dates.


We have all seen the Emergency Procedures Flip charts around, but how many of us have actually read these?

Each week we will look at a page from the flip chart in order to become more familiar with its contents.

Emergency Procedures


How often do we see parcels, boxes or bags left unattended?  We need to take note of these and be more aware of potential dangers.