UC Strategy – public launch update

In the last few weeks the UC Strategy has been presented to external audiences in events in Christchurch and Wellington. An overarching driver of the strategy is an institutional commitment to engagement and these events provided the first opportunities to engage with the wider UC community about the Strategy.

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Local launch

The Strategy was presented to local business leaders and friends of UC at the Gala Dinner | Te Hākari held in The Great Hall of the Arts Centre on 23 October. It was well received, especially UC’s commitment to engage with stakeholders to achieve their economic, social, cultural, technology and innovation objectives, and in turn economically boost the city.

Government and New Zealand influencers

On Tuesday 5 November, Hon Dr Megan Woods co-hosted with UC the Creating the Future event at the Beehive, Wellington. Chancellor | Tumu Kaunihera Sue McCormack and Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae Professor Cheryl de la Rey presented the Strategy to Wellington business leaders, Members of Parliament and 80 other members of the public. UCSA 2020 President elect Tori McNoe injected a student voice to the event sharing her experience at UC – a chance for guests to hear from and get to know one of our inspirational student leaders. Overall, the event was a great opportunity to purposefully engage with leaders, decision makers and influencers in Wellington to strengthen our relationships and forge new ones.

Next steps

Coming up is an interactive workshop for the first round of implementation planning of the Strategy. The workshop is an opportunity to continue the collaborative work that went into creating the strategy, and for managers to prepare their teams to meet the challenge of delivering the Strategy.

You can visit the dedicated UC Strategy Site – Tangata Tū, Tangata Ora website to download the full strategy document, and if you were unable to attend a strategy presentation in October you can still view a recording of the presentation here.