New statement from Hon. Kit Toogood QC

The University has received a further statement from the Former High Court Judge Hon Kit Toogood QC, who is leading the independent investigation into the delay in discovering the death of a student at Sonoda Village residential hall.

Update on timing of release of report on the Mason Pendrous investigation

I have now completed my independent investigation into the delay in finding Mason’s body and the policies and procedures relevant to student welfare issues.

However, before I am able to report my findings and recommendations, two significant processes need to be concluded:

  1. Although my inquiry is separate from the coronial process, the Coroner’s findings about the place and cause of Mason’s death will be significant.  They are not yet available.
  2. Following the conclusion of the inquest process, natural justice requires me to consult the University, CLV and Mason’s family so I can take the views of each into account before I provide a final report.

I appreciate the University’s request that I should provide the report in a timely manner.  I will work to release it as soon as I can.

Hon. Kit Toogood QC