Where have you come from, and what do you teach?

I am a Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Los Angeles. My research is in Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology. At UCLA I teach courses in Soil Mechanics (graduate), Design of Foundation Engineering and Earth Structures (undergraduate), and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (graduate).  

What interested you in the Erskine Programme/why did you want to come to UC?

I enjoy sharing ideas and collaborating with colleagues around the world. Of particular interest to me in Christchurch is the work of Professor of Earthquake Engineering Brendon Bradley, and Professor of Civil & Natural Resources Engineering Misko Cubrinovski. We are collaborating on topics related to earthquake ground motion characterization and soil liquefaction during earthquakes.

What have you been doing at UC?

Much of my time is spent on projects that continue at UCLA, meeting over the web with students and collaborators there. I have also begun discussions on collaborations at UC, and I am delivering a number of seminars and lectures.

What have you most enjoyed about your time here at UC/Christchurch?

UC/Christchurch has made arriving and staying here very easy; they handled everything. My family and I couldn’t be more pleased with our accommodations, and the university has invited us to several newcomer meetings and events. We have enjoyed sightseeing in the Southern Alps and Stewart Island. We have received such a warm welcome here that it will be hard to leave.