Download and Install Zoom

Zoom is currently UC’s preferred method for video conferencing. UC has a site license for Zoom which means it is free for all UC faculty, staff, and students.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT ZOOM’S UNDERLYING CONCEPT: Zoom is not about conducting visual phone calls (such as in Skype for Business). Zoom is about creating a virtual “room” in which you can meet with people. So you don’t “call” someone – instead you go into a virtual meeting room and then invite them to join you.

Get started downloading and installing Zoom.

Install the Zoom Outlook Connector
Start an Instant Zoom Meeting from Outlook 
One Minute video Tutorials
Getting started with Zoom, and other resources
Zoom Help Center

For great time-saving tips, look up:
Being more efficient with your technology
Technology Information for Staff website
– The ITS Homepage and Knowledge base. (Note the tabs for Students, Staff and Visitors.)

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