Start an Instant Zoom Meeting from Outlook

If you have installed the Zoom meeting buttons in Outlook, here’s how you start a meeting.

But before we get started
A REALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: Zoom is not about conducting visual phone calls (such as in Skype for Business). Zoom is about creating a virtual “room” in which you can meet with people. So you don’t “call” someone – instead you go into a virtual meeting room and then invite them to join you.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click the Start Instant Meeting button, located on the Home Ribbon. (If the Zoom buttons are not there, install the Zoom meeting buttons. If you have installed them but they are still not there, restart Outlook.)

Picture of Zoom icons on Outlook Home Ribbon

  • a Zoom meeting window opens (probably showing your face, if your video camera is on; but note that some laptops have a little sliding plastic cover across the video camera)
  • NOTE: you are now “in a virtual meeting room”

Now invite those you wish to meet with, to join you in your virtual meeting room:

  1. Click the Invite button on the toolbar at the bottom of the Zoom Meeting window. (If you don’t see the toolbar, it will appear when you move your mouse across the Zoom Meeting window.)
    Picture of the Zoom Meeting toolbar
  2. Type the names of people you wish to meet with.
  3. Select each name and click the blue Picture of Zoom invite button button in the lower right corner
    – each participant will have a little pop up appear on their screen (accompanied by a sound) inviting them to join you in your meeting room. They can accept or decline the invitation. If they decline, you will be notified. 

– if you need to mute your microphone or your video, use the buttons at the left end of the toolbar
– to end the meeting click the red End Meeting text at the right end of the toolbar

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