2020 Flu shots

Flu shots will be available for students and staff from the UC Health Centre from Wednesday 29 April.

The centre has 300 Flu shots already on hand, with more on order. However, if we don’t use our supplies, we have to send them back. 

Staff Flu shots
The University are providing FREE Flu shots for all UC staff.

Staff wanting a Flu shot must call the clinic to book an appointment, clinic staff will confirm your time, date and instructions as to the process during the call.

Student Flu shots
Flu shots are free for all UC students enrolled at the UC Health Centre.

Students not enrolled, including international students, can contact the UCSA to receive a ‘virtual voucher’ which will discount their Flu shot. UCHC will supplement the discount to ensure students pay only $5.

All students looking to receive a flu shot must call the clinic in advance to make their booking and receive time, date and instructions.

Contact information for the UC Health Centre can be found here>