5 Ways to Wellbeing Reminder – Connect

Now that we are in Level 2, many of you may have spent the weekend re connecting with your friends and family. Connecting with others is vital for maintaining a healthy wellbeing and for helping us to feel safe, less stressed and less anxious.

Connecting in Level 2 is a little different than normal, so please remember to practice safe social distancing and keep your gathering sizes small. 

Looking for ways to connect, here are some ideas:

  • Gather a few friends for a movie night; ask people to share a film they like.
  • Smile at a stranger – you may be surprised by the smile you get back!
  • Find more opportunities for humour in the home by starting a family joke collection.
  • Connect with the whenua; grab some mates and get into the great outdoors – go on a bush walk, go surfing or mountain bike riding.
  • Take time to read your local newspaper or newsletter – find out what’s going on in your area, such as music or cultural performances, then organise a group outing.
  • Have a family WIFI, TV and text free day and bring out the old board games you have – you may be surprised at how much fun they still are! Contact a friend you have not seen or spoken to for a while and talk, talk, talk!

Click here for a clip from the All Right Campaign where Si and Gary talk about the importance of connection.