Important changes to staff email web access

The University’s Email environment which manages all your incoming and outgoing emails is to be upgraded.

In preparation for migrating email accounts to the new email environment, a change is required that will affect the way you log into your webmail email account.  This change will take place Friday 10 July 2020.

The following web login screen that you may be familiar with will change from the traditional view:

To the following web login page:

If you access your mail from your Outlook client there will be no visible change

POP/IMAP email clients

Anyone accessing staff email accounts using an alternative email client (POP or IMAP) will need to use secure ports, this should already be on by default for most.  If you are using insecure ports, you will need to reconfigure your email clients, before Friday 10 July.

Instructions for setting up some email clients are available online here.

If you have any issues accessing your email using the web interface, please contact IT Service Desk on 0508 824 843 or 03 369 5000 or log a ticket via the Self Service Portal.

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