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Student First Programme: User Community Updates

The Student First Programme is helping prepare UC for the future, and putting students at the heart of our business. It’s focused on improving the student administration experience so that UC can continue to deliver world-class education.

In 2018 our focus has been on improving systems and processes to support conversion and retention of students, delivering 8 projects across the year. We host monthly User Community Updates where our team shares updates on all these projects.

The videos for August and September sessions are now available below. Highlights over the past couple of months have included:

You can also view all our videos  from these sessions on the Student First Programme Intranet page.

We welcome feedback and questions any time and we’re happy to arrange training, demos or information sessions for your team. Get in touch with us at


Student First Programme: How User Acceptance Testing creates better solutions

User Acceptance Testing explained

Recently the Student First Programme team held a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) session for our new Course Selector, which will be launched in October for Enrolment 2019.

What is UAT and why is it important?

User Acceptance Testing is a critical part of the technical delivery process when we’re building software and other systems.

It’s really important to have people outside the Student First Programme team see what we’re building and give us feedback before it goes live. At UC our participants are often testing on behalf of both staff members and students, so the feedback they provide helps ensure what’s being delivered actually helps to improve the student administration experience.

What happens in a session?

Users simulate real life scenarios, such as selecting courses for a Bachelor of Arts, so they can see how the system will look and perform when students use it once it’s live. We use a test or non-production system for UAT sessions, which means people can safely ‘play’ in the knowledge they can break things and its ok!

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What happens to feedback?

All feedback is collated and reviewed by members of the delivery team to discuss and prioritise feedback, taking into consideration possible benefits, technical constraints and delivery resource.

All feedback is considered, and outside of the sessions you can also provide this by emailing

How does this help us build better tools?

Conducting UAT with UC staff means we have confidence that what we’re building is aligned to business requirements and makes the student experience more streamlined and efficient. As a result of feedback gathered during UAT, we’re making 6 additional changes to the Course Selector tool in time for the release.

Thanks to all our participants for their insights!

The Course Selector: Coming Soon

The Course Selector is a new feature in myUC which helps students select their courses with an easy to use ‘shopping cart’ interface, similar to many online services. Through search and filter capability it will help students select courses quicker and with confidence – giving them a faster and more certain enrolment experience, which is one of the key benefits of the Student First Programme.
Read more here.

In July we launched the Course Selector for Certificate for University Preparation students as a pilot, and the feedback so far has been positive.

The Course Selector will be launched in myUC for all new students in late September, in time for Enrolments 2019. Watch this space for more updates!

UC launches digital academic documents with My eQuals

Graduating students and alumni can now get certified digital copies of their transcripts, degree certificates and official letters through a secure cloud-based system, My eQuals. Over 500 graduates have already accessed their documents through this internationally recognised system, developed by a consortium of Australasian universities.

The digital documents are marked as certified by UC, and can be securely shared with third parties such as employers and other universities. Find out more here.

 What is My eQuals?

The My eQuals project was delivered by the Student First Programme, and is an important part of our work to transform the student administration experience at all stages of the student journey right through to graduation. It provides another convenient digital service for students that’s responsive to their needs, will reduce manual workload for staff, and the cost and paper associated with printing hard copy records.

Who else is using the system?

UC joins 20+ other Australasian universities using the My eQuals system, including AUT, The University of Auckland and the University of Otago. My eQuals is also being used by a growing global network of higher education institutions committed to creating a more globally mobile student and graduate experience through easy online sharing of credentials.

Who can use it and what are the costs?

Students graduating after July 12, 2018 will get a certified digital copy of their testamur (degree certificate) and transcript at no cost, as well as the usual physical copy at their ceremony. Other students and alumni will need to pay a one-off fee for access, and hard copies are still available for those who require them. More information is on the Transcript webpage here.

For questions about digital documents on My eQuals, contact

Student First Programme: Monthly Community Update videos

Want to find out the latest updates on the Student First Programme? What are we up to, and what’s coming soon?

We host Community Update sessions on the first Wednesday of each month.  This is an opportunity for our stakeholders to hear the Programme team deliver updates on each of our projects.

The Community Updates are filmed and loaded onto our Student First Programme Intranet page, where you can view all previous sessions.

Some highlights for July include:

  • Enrol in Person Pilot – streamlining the international student enrolment process
  • Teacher Programme Entry Process Review – improving the admission and enrolment process for teacher education programmes
  • My eQuals release – providing digital copies of transcripts and certificates to students to enable simpler, faster and secure access to their Academic Records
  • Managing change in an Agile environment.

To find out more about these projects click here.

Celebrating Successful Enrol In Person Pilot

The new Enrol in Person process for international students led by the Student First Programme was put to the test last week, as international students arrived on campus to complete their enrolment ahead of Semester Two.

Students were welcomed by friendly UC volunteers and went on a campus walking tour while their documents were processed behind the scenes. Feedback captured so far points to a positive student experience on the enrolment days – they commented that the process was easy, they felt welcome and overall the enrolment days were less stressful and more enjoyable for both students and staff.

The Student First Programme team held a morning tea to acknowledge the hard work that went into making this pilot a success. In particular, we want to thank:

  • Student Volunteers for their energy, enthusiasm and dedication
  • The Enrolments and Student Care teams in creating such a seamless event and going above and beyond to ensure students were as prepared as possible for enrolments
  • Admissions for clearing “road-blocks” on enrolments and providing great support for our College colleagues who were swamped with Academic Review and Open Day
  • Dawn Miller-Mctaggart for her magic work on the data
  • Academic Managers and Student Advisers for juggling your busy schedules and doing your best to prepare students for enrolment. High-five!
  • Student Finance: being there with us and ensuring that the final all important step fit neatly into the process
  • AV Staff and Photographer: capturing the quality of the event is exciting and would be made so much harder without you
  • Comms Team: paving the way for trialling new ways of communicating with applicants as required

Reflecting on how far we have come since our review of the Enrol In Person process in March/April, what we achieved is a great example of what can be done by a small, determined group of individuals working collaboratively towards a common goal. This new process is a great step forward in transforming the student administration experience.

Watch this space for a full review and some great footage from the enrolment days, as well as further updates on how we’re continuing to work on the process for Enrolments 2019.

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