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Celebrating Successful Enrol In Person Pilot

The new Enrol in Person process for international students led by the Student First Programme was put to the test last week, as international students arrived on campus to complete their enrolment ahead of Semester Two.

Students were welcomed by friendly UC volunteers and went on a campus walking tour while their documents were processed behind the scenes. Feedback captured so far points to a positive student experience on the enrolment days – they commented that the process was easy, they felt welcome and overall the enrolment days were less stressful and more enjoyable for both students and staff.

The Student First Programme team held a morning tea to acknowledge the hard work that went into making this pilot a success. In particular, we want to thank:

  • Student Volunteers for their energy, enthusiasm and dedication
  • The Enrolments and Student Care teams in creating such a seamless event and going above and beyond to ensure students were as prepared as possible for enrolments
  • Admissions for clearing “road-blocks” on enrolments and providing great support for our College colleagues who were swamped with Academic Review and Open Day
  • Dawn Miller-Mctaggart for her magic work on the data
  • Academic Managers and Student Advisers for juggling your busy schedules and doing your best to prepare students for enrolment. High-five!
  • Student Finance: being there with us and ensuring that the final all important step fit neatly into the process
  • AV Staff and Photographer: capturing the quality of the event is exciting and would be made so much harder without you
  • Comms Team: paving the way for trialling new ways of communicating with applicants as required

Reflecting on how far we have come since our review of the Enrol In Person process in March/April, what we achieved is a great example of what can be done by a small, determined group of individuals working collaboratively towards a common goal. This new process is a great step forward in transforming the student administration experience.

Watch this space for a full review and some great footage from the enrolment days, as well as further updates on how we’re continuing to work on the process for Enrolments 2019.

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Enrol in Person: New process for Semester Two 2018

You may recall the long queues that have traditionally marked international enrolment in person. This is set to change for the next intake in Semester 2, with improvements being piloted by the Student Success and Enrolments teams and the Student First Programme to ensure that students arrive prepared and UC is better able to manage the process.

What are we doing differently?

• International students arriving for Semester 2 are being targeted with specific communications to ensure they arrive in New Zealand with courses selected and the correct documentation submitted.

• Student Advisors from the Colleges are proactively reaching out to students to provide course advice.

• Students are booking into scheduled enrolment events on campus between 4 -13 July. These events are a joint initiative between Enrolments, the Colleges, Student Success, the Finance Team, IRO, and SSAC.

• While the administration process happens behind the scenes, the 20 students in each session are whisked off to a specially designed event run by Student Success.

• The International Student Lounge will be set up in Level 2, Puaka-James Hight from 4-13 July and will host events along with Matariki.

Benefits of the new process

• Students know ahead of time when their enrolment will be processed.
• Rather than waste time in queues, students have an opportunity to ask questions, meet friends, and relax in a student friendly environment.
• UC staff know who is coming and when and can use the structure to better plan and prepare resources.
• Pilot for Enrolments 2019 – we’re hoping this will make a real difference to the student experience and relieve the pressure on staff. This is a great opportunity to stress test the new process and refine it before the next large international student intake in 2019.

Who’s involved?

• College Student Advisors: Early course advice
• Programme Coordinators / Heads of Department: Course approvals
• Enrolments Team: Enrolments administration and coordination
• Student Success Team: Enrolment event management
• Finance Team
• Student First Programme: Admission and Enrolment Management project team

How Can You Help?

We need volunteers to greet and talk to students in the welcome centre and international lounge between 4-13 July. If you’re available to help, for any length of time, contact

If you see International students on campus looking lost during this time, direct them to the international student lounge on Level 2, Puaka-James Hight.

• If you are a student advisor/programme coordinator, be proactive in providing course advice over the coming 3-4 weeks
• Proactively work through course approvals prior to 4 July
• During the Enrol In Person Window, please be prepared to work with students who may not have had course advice prior to arriving or need courses approved.

Be aware of what is going on and if someone asks for help, put your hand up.

ITS and Facilities
The operational teams depend on key IT infrastructure over this time so please be prepared to provide support as required.

Student First Programme: The Technology Story

The Student First Programme recently hosted an open information session on their Technology Story.

Ian Vanstone, Chief Technology Officer at IntegrationWorks, lead architect Kris Thornley and technology lead Dave Quennell spoke about digital trends in the education sector and other industries, and how the Student First Programme is working to create a leading edge platform and competitive advantage for UC. 


Missed the session? Watch the video here:

The Student First Programme team are planning more information sessions like this and we’d love to know what you want to find out more about. You can contact us at