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Closed walkway around Ernest Rutherford

The walkway between the Ernest Rutherford building and the new Beatrice Tinsley building will be closed from 24 August to 8 September.

You will still be able to walk through Ernest Rutherford building and across the bridge to the Engineering Core. The closure is to allow for asphalt work to take place. Please take care in the area during this time, follow any directional signage and stay outside the fenced off area.

What to do if a student needs help – support services available

As UC staff we are all responsible for looking after the pastoral care of our students, as well as supporting our colleagues.

Occasionally you may be approached by a student seeking support or help with a specific issue – it’s important to remember students are more likely to speak with someone they trust or are familiar with and to respect that trust.

If a student approaches you for advice or is in distress, there are a number of UC resources to help you ensure they get the support they need. For information on providing support visit the website>

UC takes very seriously the wellbeing and education of our students with the aim of creating a campus community where students feel safe and where they belong.

Non-technical social engineering scam

Social engineering as a scam can take many different forms. One of these is a non-technical form where a scammer already knows enough about you to make you feel comfortable and confident in revealing more personal information that they really need to defraud you.

This is known as ‘pretexting’ or ‘vishing’ voice-phishing, where the scammer is phishing for information using voice communication like a phone call. The caller uses information about you they already know, which could be pieced together from your social media accounts or if you have lost or had your wallet stolen, they will present themselves as someone trustworthy like a representative from your bank.

A good example of this could be if you have lost your wallet. A scammer might find a shop receipt in your lost wallet and call you posing as a shop attendant. To get more information out of you they might say you have won a voucher and simply need you to provide a PIN number to activate the card. Unfortunately, most people will provide a PIN number they already use. The caller now has your wallet, bank cards, ID cards and a PIN number they can use to try and defraud you.

What to do if you receive a suspicious call

Think about the information you are being asked for:

  • is what the person is saying believable?
  • why do they need this information?
  • are they making a reasonable request for this purpose?
  • is this person who they say they are?

It is ok to say no and ask them to verify who they are. If you are not sure of the credibility of the person you are speaking to hang-up and call the organisation yourself. Don’t call any phone numbers the caller gives you either over the phone or in email, look up a phone number for the organisation on their website.

Find information on how to report a cyber security incident at UC here>

Innovation Jumpstart submissions open – enter now

Innovation Jumpstart 2019 is now open! Are you a UC academic staff member with an innovative idea or invention that you want to turn into a reality? Then Innovation Jumpstart is for you. The competition is open to all UC academic staff from every college. Simply fill in the application form here and email it to

The top five competition projects will each receive $20,000 funding to help with experimentation, proof-of-concept and/or technology/service development.

The Research and Innovation (R&I) team are on hand to give advice and support during the submission process. The R&I team also provide a number of workshops in the lead up to the submission date to help you think about the different aspects of commercialising your idea or invention. Workshop details will be shared on Intercom.

Applications close Friday 18 October 2019, at 6pm.

Find more information here>

Room utilisation survey 22-26 July

A room utilisation survey will take place on Ilam campus 22-26 July. The survey is completed annually to identify trends in room use and help inform UC’s space and facility planning.

Rooms will be surveyed each hour between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday during the week and involves a surveyor recording how spaces are being used. Surveyors will be wearing a name tag and can be easily identified. If no one is visible through meeting room windows, the surveyor will open the door to gather data.

The survey will cover:

  • Lecture theatres
  • Seminar and tutorial rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Student computer labs
  • Postgraduate study spaces (Please advise your postgraduate students of the survey).