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UC academic publishes report for the UN

Congratulations to Associate Professor Bronwyn Hayward on her recently published report for the United Nations.

Bronwyn was invited to write on how to change behaviours to achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals that came into effect on 1 January. In the report she argues that individual actions matter but are not enough on their own, and that the world needs communities, from cities to national governments, committed to changing  priorities to achieve lasting long term effects.

You can read her report here. 

UC Connect ‘Global refugee crisis: A personal perspective on New Zealand’s role’

The second ever UC Connect is: Global refugee crisis: A personal perspective on New Zealand’s role. 

Date: Wednesday 23 March

Location: C2

Time: 7pm

Speaker: Postgraduate student Abbas Nazari

With the global refugee crisis at its highest level since World War II, there needs to be a public debate about how to handle this urgent crisis.

The international community is bending under the pressure of this massive movement of people, as wealthy countries struggle to integrate the millions of refugees crossing continents and oceans. This has provoked an array of reactions from host countries, ranging from open welcome to far-Right nationalism.

In this UC Connect lecture, Abbas Nazari, a UC Political Science postgraduate student, formerly of Afghanistan, will present his first-hand account of the perilous risks people take reach to a place of refuge. For most Kiwis, the refugee crisis seems literally a distant issue, with many Kiwis gaining their first impressions via social media. This lecture shall also discuss New Zealand’s refugee policy amidst the global response.


Auckland Women in Leadership Breakfast

UC held its first Auckland Women in Leadership breakfast on Tuesday 8 March , aligning with International Women’s Day.

The event connected UC students, alumni and four of our Pro-Vice-Chancellors with future women leaders from Auckland high schools to share leadership experiences and advice.

Guest Speaker and UC alumna Justine Ross presented her journey as the co-founder of ’42 Below’ vodka, an investor and writer. Her message to high school students was to never give up on the pursuit of your dreams, to keep going when people say no, to fill your head with good stuff and surround yourself with good people.

Students, alumni and senior managers shared their leadership experiences with Auckland High School students over breakfast.
UC students, alumni and PVC’s share their leadership experiences with Auckland high school students over breakfast.
Students listen to Guest Speaker Justine Ross over breakfast.
Students listen to Guest Speaker and UC alumna Justine Ross.
High school students enjoy the event photo booth.
High school students enjoy the event photo booth.
PVC's joined in the fun at the event photo booth.
PVC’s join in the fun at the event photo booth.

Have your say on the future of tertiary education

The Productivity Commission has released its 120 page issues paper entitled New Models of Tertiary Education”.

The paper poses 78 questions which it is seeking evidence and input on to formulate advice to Government in response to its terms of reference. Initial submissions are due by 4 May 2016.

Representatives of the Commission met with Universities NZ in February. Universities NZ will be making a submission as will many tertiary education institutions.

Your submission is asked for 

Individuals may also make submissions and UC  encourages all staff members to do so. If you are making a personal submission however, please be sure to say so. And while the Vice-Chancellor would appreciate receiving a copy of such submissions, you are under no obligation to do so.


Infographic from the Productivity Commission suggesting the sort of submission content that would be useful.

In making any submissions please take care to protect the privacy of individuals and the confidentiality of material you may have access to as part of your employment.

Here’s the link for where you make your submission and a rundown from the Productivity Commission about its process.

Thank you for contributing to this worthwhile process.