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UCSA Lecturer of the Year 2015 – Top Nominees and Winners!

The annual UCSA Lecturer of the Year Awards has been announced, brought to you by the UCSA Welfare and Advocacy team. Below are the nominees and winner. Congratulations to all winners and nominees!

Lecturer of the Year 2015

Top 4 nominees:
Steve Agnew
Dr Gabrielle Wall
Dr Rosie Ibboston
Dr Geoffrey Rodgers

Winner of Lecturer of the Year 2015: Dr Geoffrey Rodgers

Geoff Rodgers, Mech Eng and his research into hip joints, 1.7.14

College of Arts

Top 4 nominees:
Phillip Borell
Associate Professor Donald Matheson
Karen Saunders
Dr Rosie Ibbotson

Winner of College of Arts Lecturer of the Year 2015: Dr Rosie Ibbotson

College of Business and Law

Top 4 nominees:
Dr Ekant Veer
Russell Wordsworth
Steve Agnew
Dr Herb de Vries

Winner of College of Business and Law Lecturer of the Year 2015: Steve Agnew

College of Education

Top 4 nominees:
Dr Brigid McNeill
Sue Wilson
Jocelyn Howard
Nicki Dabner

Winner of College of Education Lecturer of the Year 2015: Dr Brigid McNeill

College of Engineering

Top 4 nominees:
Dr Geoffrey Rodgers
Dr Ken Morison
Dr Martin Allen
Dr Sid Becker

Winner of College of Engineering Lecturer of the Year 2015: Dr Geoffrey Rodgers

College of Science

Top 4 nominees:
Dr Christopher Oze
Dr Heather Purdie
Dr Gabrielle Wall
Dr Pieter Pelser

Winner of College of Science Lecturer of the Year 2015: Dr Gabrielle Wall

Administrator of the Year

Top 5 nominees:
Anna Petrie
Heather Couch
Jeanette Allen
Anna Luezzi
Sarah Brown

Winner of Administrator of the Year 2015: Heather Couch

Supervisor of the Year

Top 4 nominees:
Associate Professor Donald Matheson
Dr Kelly Dombroski
Dr Ken Morison
Professor Richard Jones

Winner of Supervisor of the Year 2015: Associate Professor Donald Matheson and Professor Richard Jones

Great Character Award

Top 4 nominees:
Dr Ekant Veer
Dr John Hopkins
Simon Dorset
Dr Gabrielle Wall

Winner of Great Character of the Year 2015: Simon Dorset

Special Award winners
Gin and Tonic Award: Professor Ian Shaw
Coffee Addict Award: Dr Kyle Nash
Best Swimmer Award: Dr Karyn Stewart
Best Use of Muppets Award: Dr John Hopkins
Most Vigorous Whiteboard Marking Award: Professor Antony Fairbanks
Most Passionate Award: Dr Travis Horton
Most Enthusiastic Award: Dr Sid Becker
Most Positive Award: Victoria Escaip





Organisational Attitudes Study

You are invited to participate in the “Organisational Attitudes Study”‘ which is being conducted by Jessica Sletcher, Postgraduate Student at UC. As the results are confidential and anonymous, the findings of this study will not be linked back to you as an individual or the organisation that you work for. Furthermore, you are not asked to specify the organisation that you work for.  If you are interested in completing the online survey please read on below, otherwise thank-you for your time.

Background: This study is interested in organisational attitudes, specifically regarding organisational policies. If you choose to participate in this study, you will be asked for general information about yourself. Following this, you will be asked some questions about your organisations policies and your attitude towards a range of social issues, as well as your attitude towards a discrimination claim case. The entire study will take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will involve this single session. The results of the study will be used to better understand the psychological factors underlying organisational attitudes. You may also receive entry into a lucky draw to win Westfield Vouchers (lucky draw includes one $100 voucher, two $50 vouchers and four $25 vouchers).

If you are interested in participating pleasen click here to complete the survey:

The survey will close at the end of September. Throughout the study and in reporting any results, your confidentiality will remain confidential and you will not be identified in any way.

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