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Cancellation of Web of Science and JCR

Access to Journal Citation Reports (JCR) and Web of Science (WoS) will end on 31st December 2016.

Support for current users of WoS and JCR

Cancellation decision

The decision to cancel followed an in-depth process where, the following groups were consulted:

  • IRAG (Information Resources Advisory Group) – a cross-divisional panel of Library resource experts (sub-committee of Library Committee)
  • Library Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Academic Board
  • All academics via the Library Liaison Officers responsible for each College/subject area

Following a thorough assessment of the feedback received, the proposal was accepted by the committees above and endorsed by the Senior Management Team.

Journal Citation Reports (JCR) reasons for cancellation:

  • decline in usage
  • cost increase
  • availability of alternative journal metrics data

Web of Science (WoS) reasons for cancellation:

  • decline in usage
  • duplication with other resources
  • cost compared to Scopus (a similar indexing service)

Copyright project

Library staff are now working through a list of about 550 known breaches plus ~5000 copyright items previously uploaded as ‘not copyright/unpublished material’ within Learn. Library staff are replacing this material with links or correctly uploading material where possible. Where this is not possible, lecturers are being contacted.

The Library is committed to ensuring courses are both copyright compliant and contain the requisite material for student success. In order to stay within the terms of our CLNZ licence, where we are unable to resolve a breach, infringing material is being removed until a legitimate copy, or suitable replacement can be found. A notice period of 15 working days is given before any material is removed.

If training would be helpful, the Library is happy to offer this. Please contact Helen Thomas, Associate University Librarian, Access & Collections.

Copyright Management Project update

UC can now report to Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ).  This functionality was successfully built into Learn by ITS staff.  It went live on Thursday 31st March.  It has since been tested and is working well.

The report shows material which breaches copyright.  These breaches are now being checked, ready for our first report submission in June 2016.  Library staff will work together with affected academics on removing or replacing the items to make sure of compliance with our licence.

Guidance on how to stay within copyright law is available on the Library website:

Guidance instructions for adding material to Learn are available here:

Copyright Management Project update

The Copyright Management Project work is progressing well.

All academic departmental heads have been contacted about the provision of material outside Learn and how to maintain copyright compliance. Library staff are now working directly with selected academics to make sure their content is provided to students via Learn and in a copyright compliant way.

New copyright guidance instructions are available:

This provides step by step instructions on how to provide copyright material within Learn, plus background and further help.

Copyright FAQs have also been updated:

Work has begun on creating the required functionality to make sure reporting to Copyright Licensing New Zealand (CLNZ). It is expected this will be tested and released in March.

If you have any comments or would like to speak to the project team, please contact Emma de Lacey: