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Erskine seminar on teaching responsible management

The Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship is hosting an Erskine Seminar by Professor Jeanie Forray who is visiting from Western New England University, USA.

Topic: ‘Hearts and Minds: Student learning and the methods we use to teach responsible management.’

Date: Wednesday 9th March 2016 1:00pm – 2:30pm.

Location: Room 409, Business and Law Building, Ilam Campus.

Professor Forray will discuss her research into teaching  within the Responsible Management (RM) domain, in an attempt to find out why efforts to educate students to be responsible managers appear insufficient to overcome the dominant business paradigm of profit.

Doctoral Seminar – ‘Representation of Cuisine and Food Culture in New Zealand Print Media 1950-2015’

Come along to Business and Law next week to hear a doctoral seminar from Saman Hassibi.

The topic is ‘Representation of Cuisine and Food Culture in New Zealand Print Media 1950-2015: A Systematic Content Analysis’.

Time: 11:00 – 12:30pm

Date: 24 February

Where: Business and Law Room 409

Here’s a bit about what Saman will discuss:

Observation of today’s mass media indicates that there has been an increase in food-focused consumption, communication, and culture especially in recent years. Studies of culinary documents (e.g. community cookbooks, published cookbooks or magazines) and foodways suggest that culinary communications are filled with socio-cultural information about the society that has produced them. Even though references to food, cuisine, and media can be found in the academic world, there are relatively few studies that focus on their interrelationships in New Zealand, with previous research tending to be historical but non-systematic in approach.

This proposed research will investigate the relationships between New Zealand print mass media and the country’s cuisine and food culture. In particular, it aims to examine how the cuisine and different aspects of food culture of New Zealand (i.e. national identity indigeneity, gendered norms, social construct of family, roles of children, and concepts of health, nutrition, economy, and food tourism), including linkages to international food culture, have been portrayed, reinforced or trivialized, and marketed within the pages of New Zealand print documents published between 1950 and 2015.


Thriving as an Academic – Seminars from a Visiting Erskine Fellow

Come along to a series of interactive seminars offered by visiting Erskine Fellow, Professor William (Bill) Starbuck, who is a well-known organisation theorist.

UC academic staff and postgraduate students are welcome to attend these seminars.

The first seminar in a series of eight will be held in Business & Law 526 from 9:00-12:00 noon on Thursday, 25 February.

The key topics of the first seminar will be:

  • Effective behaviour as a graduate student
  • Academic ranks and promotion processes
  • Academic freedom and tenure
  • How the academic employment market operates
  • Trends in faculty employment.

The remaining seven sessions will be advertised the week prior to each session, but will cover topics such as drawing data from on-line databases, advantages and disadvantages of various quantitative and qualitative research methods and theory building.

About Professor Starbuck

William Starbuck is professor-in-residence at the Lundquist College of Business of the University of Oregon.

A Fellow of the American Psychological Association (1975), Academy of Management (1986), American Psychological Society (1995), he has been the editor of Administrative Science Quarterly, chaired the screening committee for senior Fulbright awards in business management, directed the doctoral program in business administration at New York University, and was the President of the Academy of Management. 

He has published over 130 articles, written two books and edited eleven books.