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Withdrawn Library Books to Giveaway

Head to the Central Library on Thursday 24 May, from 1.15 – 3.30 pm, Room 210, Level 2,  Puaka-James Hight.

Books are withdrawn if they are no longer relevant for teaching and research or they are damaged in some way. This is a much smaller giveaway but there is a variety of items:

  • young adult fiction
  • science topics published 1920-1940s
  • CDs

Donations not required for the collection, journal boxes, book ends. Please bring a bag or box with you.

Library Book Giveaway – 29 September

The next withdrawn library book giveaway is on Friday 29 September, 12.15-2.30pm.

You have the opportunity to obtain withdrawn library books for your personal collection at the next Library giveaway on Level 3, north side, Central Library, Puaka-James Hight building. The new owner is the first person who wants the book. Please bring your own bags to take the books away.

A book is in the giveaway because:

  • It no longer meets the demands of the course or research it was purchased for; or
  • Fewer copies of the title are now required; or
  • It is damaged and has been replaced; or
  • It was donated but does not meet the “in scope” criteria for learning, teaching and research at UC.

The items in this giveaway include: maps of the Antarctic region; various donations from a range of disciplines, which were not required for the collection; English Literature 17th and 18th century; duplicate copies of Art of Asia from the 1980s; Textbooks older versions; duplicates and damaged books and sheet music.

Book Giveaway at Library

Withdrawn library books are being given away on Friday 3 March from 12.15pm – 2.30pm.
Location: – Level 3, Central Library, Puaka James Hight.

Please bring bags with you.

The range of subject areas include:

  • 19th century English Literature
  • French Literature
  • History
  • Biological Sciences
  • Fine Arts.

Books available include donated items not required for the collection and duplicate copies no longer required.

Central Library collection moves over summer

All of the Central Library collection was moved over summer in order to create the space required for the Education Library and its community. No book is in the same location as it was in August 2016, so please check: the catalogue; the floorplans on the website or library noticeboards or the floor directories at the lifts before looking for your areas of interest.

If a title has been moved to a store facility, then you will need to place a request for it. Updating the location information for books is an automated process. However, it is a manual process to update a change of location for a journal. It may take our staff 3-4 weeks to update the records for journals that were originally on the open shelf at the Central Library.

Please ask Library staff for assistance if you require a journal, which is not in the location stated in the catalogue.

We apologise for any inconvenience you may experience as you get used to the new location for your areas of interest.

Joan Simpson, Manager Resource Discovery