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How to make a disclosure about “serious wrong-doing” at UC

Reporting “serious wrong-doing” or “whistle-blowing”

UC has a policy on how to report ‘serious wrong-doing’  (as defined by the Protected Disclosures Act 2000and how those handling a disclosure are to behave. Our policy on this is the Protected Disclosures Act -Internal Procedures and Code of Conduct, which is available via the UC Policy Library.

A protected disclosure offers employees some protection, in certain circumstances, from detrimental actions or consequences of reporting serious wrong-doing .

Enquiries on the policy can be directed to the Registrar, Jeff Field.

Policy reviews in March – what you need to know

There are a number of UC Policy Library documents due for review at the end of March 2020. Please see the UCPL web pages for an up to date list of policies due for review.

Leaving these until April could mean long delays due to the Easter break.

For those that want to provide feedback to Contact Officers on any of these, please do so as soon as possible.

For Contact Officers, please advise the Policy Unit if more time is needed to review the document.


UC Policy Library helpful hints

Did you know that not all University compliance documents (policies, frameworks, instructions etc) are held in the UCPL?

Not sure where else to look for compliance documents?

The UCPL webpages have information on where to find compliance documents when they aren’t in the UCPL. The UCPL  also links to a number of other sources of policy information from its home page.

There are many ways in which the University may present a compliance statement. Some of these will be turned into documents held in the UCPL, but others may found held on UC webpages, staff intranet, terms of use etc.  The Metapolicy helps explain who can develop compliance statements like policy, how these can be presented and where these can be accessed.

Please contact the Policy Unit if you want to know more.

Last chance to provide feedback on policy for 2019

The holidays are around the corner !

Head to the UCPL webpages to see what policies are coming up for review in December. Get your feedback to the Contact Officers as soon as possible!

Want to know what policies are coming up for review in 2020 and how to provide feedback on a UCPL policy document ? Check out the  documents due for review to see what you can provide feedback on!

Then, get in contact with the contact officer, the contact officer details page on the UC website identifies who is in which role for you to find the best person to contact.


Take the opportunity to contribute to UC policy before year’s end

The end of the year is closing in, which means your chance to provide feedback on UC Policy Library documents before the end of the year is also closing.

Give feedback on UC Policy Library documents which are coming up for review within in the next 4 months (listed here) by contacting the Contact Officer named on the policy. Contact officer details are available  here.

The UC Policy Library holds most institution wide policy documents, so check here in the first instance to find out whether there is direction or information from Council or SMT on a particular topic or issue.