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Self-Care Staff Specials at the UC RecCentre

“If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won’t have to hear it shout”.      

Are you listening to your body?  The small daily aches and pains are signs you may need to address your health and wellbeing.   You may already have some self-care routines in place, but are you ready to take it to the next level and add some exercise to that routine?

As the weather gets colder, now is a great time to pop over and see what activities we have on offer that will serve your wellbeing.

Self-Care Staff Specials

In conjunction with Self-Care fortnight, UC Rec & Sport are pleased to offer a range of membership specials and TWO FREE WEEKS at the UC RecCentre for you and your support people. 

Exercising alone is tough, we’re much more likely to be successful if we do it with a friend (or two!).   Your exercise buddy doesn’t need to be a staff or student at UC.  Just make sure you read up on how to access your 2 week passes – they’ll start the day you pick it up and start your fitness journey.

How to exercise

Going solo
Essentially, just move!  Any kind of movement will be beneficial, so it’s best to find something you enjoy.   If you’re a little unsure on how to use the gym, then book in for a free StartMe session and our instructors will take you through a simple starter programme.  

We also have a sharp deal for UC staff on our PushMe personal training – experience the PushMe package deal at student prices.

Do the group thing
Blend into one of our large group fitness classes and get your workout on.  If large groups aren’t your thing, then perhaps try our Zone classes – Fit45, Yoga Restore and Spin –  they are smaller in size and in a more private setting.  These do cost an additional $3 per class, we do have a concession special that makes things faster, easier and even cheaper.

Small Group Training (SGT) is also be a good fit for many – small classes, private rooms, same group of people each week building up your skillset each session.  New in Term 2 are Ballet and TRX-Pilates, check out our website for information and some cool videos.    You don’t need to be a member to join our SGT courses but if you are, you do get a good discount.

Sport to be well

So your dreams of making the Silver Ferns or the All Blacks is over? That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the benefits of friendly competition, connections, skill development and fitness that sport offers.   UC Staff can enter our social sport leagues, or come along to an organised drop-in session if committing for 6 weeks is a bit much.    As a member, squash and badminton court hire is free on weekdays before 4pm, on a turn up and play basis.

Have a fabulous fortnight!
UC Rec & Sport

Powerful Self-Care to heal your trauma

Healing after trauma has no set schedule, we will all move through the process at our own pace, in our own way.  Accepting that you are a unique and beautiful individual, and it’s okay to feel differently to others, is a huge step in your healing plan.    

In addition to your self-care basics of sleep, exercise and nourishment, here are four more powerful self-care practices that might serve to help you through.

4. Cry, talk and grieve
Let out your feelings with a trusted friend, family member or if you need, a counselor.  Talk about your feelings, rather than focusing on details of events.  There is a fine line between being informed to help make sense of an event, and reliving it through repeated exposure. 

5. Spiritual Connection
Spirituality is different to everyone, but it does mean a connection to something greater.  This might be through nature, family, mindfulness, meditation or prayer.  Try and tap into your connection.  You can explore meditation or simply make a promise to pick up the phone and call your family more often.

6. Rest, relax and breathe
Take time out to do things you love – what makes you happy?  It could be treating yourself to a movie, taking a yoga class, reading a good book, writing or journaling, taking a trip to the beach or hills, or playing games on your cell phone.  Set aside some time just for you, and enjoy the space in the moment.

7. Practice mindfulness
Be in the present.  Notice the things around you, the colours, the smells, the feels, the tastes.  Savour every second, and think about all of the good around you.   Perhaps even take up the #100daysofhappy challenge, using your phone to capture a single image of one thing every day that makes you smile.

To recap, you don’t have to undertake all of these practices, but we would recommend starting with creating a better sleep routine, fitting in some exercise and good nutrition. Then, consider adding in even just one additional strategy from 4-7 above, and see the benefits of good self-care help you start to heal.

Remember, there is plenty of support for you on campus. 
If you need to talk to a trained counselor, free call or text 1737 from your mobile phone.

For information on practical support available for staff at UC, click here>

There are also additional resources and support services in the community that you can access from home, and can assist non-students who you know have been affected are:

  • Lifeline: 0800 543 354
  • Need To Talk: 1737 (free text or phone)
  • Victim Support: 0800 842 846

Rec & Sport Team

Coping after a traumatic event – start with Self-Care basics

We have all been impacted by the events of 15 March. It is normal to feel distressed, anxious and maybe even angry for quite some time after the event. So what are some of the ways you can cope?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for healing from trauma, here’s some self-care basics to start with.

1. Sleep
Sleep as much as you need, and you may need more than usual in this time of healing. Your body repairs and renews itself during sleep, get a good sleep routine, minimise caffeine (or avoid it if possible), turn off electronics at least an hour before bed, and take naps.

2. Exercise
Exercise is like medicine in the treatment of a huge range of medical conditions, including depression, anxiety, panic attacks and other trauma-related issues. It elicits hormone responses that will make you feel better, increase energy and improve your sleep. The social nature of physical activity can make you feel connected – take a gentle stroll through nature to boost your mood. Even a 10 minute walking break will do wonders for your soul. If you have more time, then perhaps a group adventure to New Brighton or Sumner beach, to reap the benefits of Vitamin Sea? If you don’t have access to a bike or car, then you can plan your trip using the Metroinfo.

3. Nourishment and Nutrition
Speaking of vitamins and minerals, the simplest (and most cost effective) way to get your essential nutrients is to ensure you eat different types and colours of food. Have a look at your plate…what’s the predominant colour? Sadly, those delicious comfort foods like donuts, chips and bread tend to be yellow and brown, meaning a lot of refined sugar and fat, providing very little nutrition. Eat your greens, reds, purples and oranges first, then if you’re still craving that donut, you’ll be good to go.

By taking care of your physical body, you’ll be in a far better place to take care of your mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Remember, there is plenty of support available for staff, but if you need to talk to a trained counsellor, free call or text 1737 from your mobile phone.

There are also additional resources and support services in the community that you can access from home: 
Lifeline: 0800 543 354
Need To Talk: 1737 (free text or phone)
Victim Support: 0800 842 846

Rec & Sport Team

FREE staff sport lunchtime sessions at the RecCentre

How about getting out at lunchtime for some friendly sporting action? The Rec & Sport team are pleased to offer several sessions a week, where UC Staff can pop over to the RecCentre and get active for an hour, absolutely free. You don’t have to be a member.

How does it work?
Turn up to the RecCentre with your Staff ID card. This is essential, no matter how often you come. We’ll get you to sign in as a casual visitor (for H&S), then you can get in there and play. We don’t set it up for you, so if you’re first to arrive, you can swap your staff card to borrow the gear and start setting up. That’s it. Your free entry doesn’t entitle to you use the fitness facilities while you’re here, but you are welcome to use the showers after. BYO towel, or rent ours for just $1.

The Sports
Until the end of 2018, we are offering the following time slots for UC Staff to participate:

Tuesday 12pm – 1pm Volleyball Sportshall All levels
Wednesday 1pm – 2pm Badminton Sportshall All levels
Thursday 12pm – 1pm Volleyball Sportshall All levels
Friday 11am – 12pm Volleyball Sportshall Int – Experienced staff and students
Friday 12pm – 1pm Futsal Sportshall All levels

All equipment is provided, although you can bring your own badminton racquets if you prefer, as we only have a limited number.
The plan for 2019.

Recently, UC RecCentre and UC Sport amalgamated to become UC Rec & Sport. Our new team will be doing things a little differently in 2019.

Free Staff Sport Sessions
We’ll continue to offer free staff sport hours, commencing in February, and we’ll set the days and times, once we know what timeslots are available. Show us with your feet what the demand is, and we’ll try to get the mix just right.

Social Sport Leagues
Staff and community will now be able to enter what our social sport leagues! Get a team together and play in a regular weekly match. We offer Futsal, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball and more. Our leagues take place weekday afternoons, between 12 -5pm. The cost will be around $125 for a six week league. Keep an eye out for more information in early 2019!

Summer Gym Membership Sale on NOW!

Summer has arrived, so it’s time to offer up our Summer Membership specials again! 

Save around 40% on our three month package deal.  It’s a great time to come the RecCentre, over the summer months, we have less people in the gym and classes, so you’ll be able to pop in, get your workout done, and pop out to enjoy your summer evenings.

What’s the deal? Well, as UC Staff, you’ll get three months RecCentre membership for just $89 (usually $119) and we’ll throw in a free SteerMe personalised programme (valued at $25) to tailor a workout just for you. That’s a $55 saving right there!  We’ve got savings for everyone, so even your friends who aren’t UC staff or students can come along.

The RecCentre membership provides you access to a summer group fitness timetable, weights and cardio, and our new studio spaces – the ZenZone, the FunZone and the StartZone. Almost all of our GF classes are free, with a $3 fee for Spin and our new ZenZone yoga classes. These smaller specialised yoga classes are great value, with a limit of 15 participants and use of yoga props to provide a restorative and relaxing yoga experience. Our GF yoga in the gymnasium remains free to all members.

Want to know more? Look up our website to see what we offer, and if you’re still not sure, why not contact us for a free seven-day guest pass?  You can even bring a friend, just get them to request a seven-day guest pass too.   Our membership specials are valid from now until 30  November 2018, so you’ve got time to try it out a little bit first.

Stay well 
Kat – Sport and Recreation Manager