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Play social sport for fun, health and fitness

Staying active and connecting with others is really important to both our physical and mental health.   Playing social sport is a great way to do both of those.  The UCRec&Sport team have multiple sport options to suit your lifestyle & budget, readily available on campus at the UCRecCentre. 

Social Netball game
Social netball competition at the UCRecCentre.
Social Sport

Have you considered getting a work team together, and entering our afternoon social sport leagues (or volleyball in the evenings)?   We can try to accommodate a regular time slot for staff teams, so that we can work it around your lunch or afternoon break time and keep it consistent. 

We offer seven leagues, across six different sporting codes, for you and your department to get involved. It costs just $160 per team, per term to play, meaning if you get a group of 10 of you together, that’s just $16 each for 5 weeks of play. There’s no ref duty, no uniforms, just turn up and play for 30mins. We supply everything. Try the usual suspects – netball, futsal, basketball, volleyball and ultimate, or our new sport this term, Handball. Check out the social sports page for days/times. Registrations close Friday 17th July.

Drop-in Sport

Did you know that we offer a drop-in sport session, where you can meet up with others to play sport?   For just $2, or free if you’re a RecCentre member, you can join in a rousing game of Volleyball, Badminton and Futsal, all equipment provided.   Check out the schedule online, and if you’re game, just turn up by yourself, or bring a colleague, along with your staff ID card.  The game starts when you’ve got enough players, and you self-referee. 

If you have any questions, please just chat to one of our customer experience team or you can email

Play sport and be well!
UC Rec&Sport Team

Run Mt Cook with Run Canterbury

Is completing a half or full marathon on your  bucket list? What about a scenic 5 or 10km?  Do you need a little support to get you there?   Run Canterbury is kicking off again in Semester 2, targeting the gorgeous views of Aoraki / Mt Cook Marathon in October – listed by Runner’s World as one of the most beautiful road marathons in the world!

runners completing the dunedin half marathon
Dunedin Half Marathon

Experience and Knowledge

Run Canterbury has been operated by UC Rec&Sport for well over 25 years.   We have experienced runners leading our pack runs, which are sorted into beginner, intermediate and advanced paced groups.  If you under or overestimate your pace, you can switch between the groups to suit.   Our training programmes have been designed by experienced runners, strength & conditioning coaches and sport scientists.   You are in safe hands!


Sure, you can run by yourself.  Sure, you can download a training programme.   The difference with joining a running group, is intention to run and actually running!   Pack runs leave the RecCentre twice per week, there’s an online community to find running buddies for your other runs during the week, plus we’ll be able to provide individual advice should you hit barriers (like injuries for example).     Having a group to connect with each week keeps you accountable and on track, and more motivated to complete your other runs (or you’ll start to struggle to keep up!)


Check out everything that’s included on our website, and you’ll find 12 weeks of support for just $95 an absolute bargain.  If you have friends or family, who aren’t at UC as staff or students but would like to join in, they can for just $155.    Pack runs commence  Tuesday 14th July, and online registrations are available.

If you have any questions, please contact 

Run and be well!
UC Rec & Sport


RecCentre to continue booking system as trial

The RecCentre has seen some great uptake over our first few weeks, in Level 2.  The booking system was necessary to manage capacity and spacing, and we’ve had much feedback from our members requesting that we keep the booking system!

male staff member helping female client with ipad
Customer Experience Rep helping a member with online signup

Combating overcrowding & improving accountability

It turns out, that many of you loved the accountability and structure it provided for your day, even those who struggle with routine.  The knowledge that there was going to be adequate space for you in the class or in the gym to train was also a positive.   We know it can get overcrowded, especially at peak times and with our popular instructors!   But, you also told us that a little more flexibility was needed.    This was true for both group fitness classes and the fitness centre.

Booking system trial will continue – as a trial

We will continue with the booking system for classes and peak times in the fitness centre, on a trial basis, until no later than 13th July.

We’ll keep tweaking it, based on our observations and your feedback until we arrive at something that meets all of our needs.  If it’s successful, we will implement as a permanent feature, as we’re confident it will improve your experience with us.

What are the main changes?
  • Bookings are essential  for the Fitness Centre (main weights room), during peak times only (Monday- Friday 6am – 10am & 4pm – 8pm )
  • You don’t need to book if you want to come outside those times, or if you don’t want to use the Fitness Centre (eg hoops, boxing)
  • Bookings are essential for all Group Fitness classes
  • You can cancel right up to 15mins before your time/class starts, so if something comes up, just delete your booking in the app
  • If you decide to spontaneously go exercise, just check your app and see if there is space in the class or session.  If htere is, book in and head over.  If there isn’t, you’ve just saved yourself a trip (and time) so you can replan.

Please head over to our our COVID-19 Updates page for all the details on how things have changed.  You still use your Rec&Sport app to make your bookings.    Get in touch if you’ve got some thoughts or leave a comment below.

Noho ora mai – Take care and stay well.
UC Rec & Sport Team


How safe is it to exercise at the gym?

The RecCentre has been open for just over a week now, and in the first week, we’ve seen just over 620 members, across 1355 visits, have a safe and enjoyable experience at the gym.  We’ve recorded 1355 visits, some of you have been just once, whilst others have come a bit more frequently.  So, how safe is the gym?

Based on what we know, Covid-19 appears to be spread primarily through close personal contact with an infected person, or potentially through touching high contact surfaces. So, gyms don’t necessarily pose a greater risk than any other public space where people gather.  Our team have taken extra precautions to keep you safe, and there are a few things you can do as well to reduce your risk of becoming sick.

  • Physical distancing – 2m between exercisers at all times, sadly no high fives or physical assists/spots at this time
  • Cleaning – our team cleans down high touch points every 90mins, and our members have their own disinfecting kit to clean down equipment before and after use .  In addition, our gym is part of the UC fogging schedule
  • Hand & Face Hygiene – sanitiser stations are everywhere, including on arrival.  Bathrooms are available to wash your hands with soap and water for 20secs. Also, try to remember to not touch your face!
  • Reduced capacity – having less people in the gym and classes, means it’s easier for you to keep your distance
  • Bookings essential – we can easily comply with track and tracing requirements, and you can avoid FOMO by booking your workout session.  We clear the building at the end of every session, so we can do the high touchpoint cleaning and manage our entry & exit points for physical distancing
  • Stay home – we expect our staff to stay home if they feel unwell.  We expect our members to do the same.  We have over 100 recorded workouts on our YouTube channel if you feel good enough to exercise, but that little tickle in your throat or allergies says you should stay home.

As we progress through Alert Level 2, the team aims to open up more services and facilities, allowing greater capacity in the gym, longer opening hours  and the return of sport.   We’ve seen some great etiquette so far, and if this continues we should see this progress nicely.

Me taiki, noho pai.  Take care and stay well.
UC Rec & Sport

The UC RecCentre will be closed on Queen’s Birthday

The UC RecCentre will be closed on Monday 1st June – Queen’s Birthday. We will be open on Saturday and Sunday, with the usual booking systems in place.

Our team has been working super hard to open the facility under Alert Level 2 restrictions, and we’ve been delighted with the uptake and positive response.

So, we’re taking our own advice, and in order to look after you the best we can, we first need to look after ourselves. With this in mind, the whole team will be taking Monday 1st June off, so we can recharge our own wellbeing dials.

You can still get your exercise fix on our YouTube channel, and flip back through some of our 100+ recorded classes and workouts.
Or if you’re looking to develop your own self-care habit, check out these 151 ideas!

We thank you for your great work in returning to the gym safely, and for your ongoing support.

UC Rec&Sport Team