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IT Services are proud to announce the launch of Statuspage on our new IT Services website!

We’ve revamped our IT Services website, and we’ve introduced Statuspage to keep you notified about IT service outages and maintenance activities.

Some of the Statuspage features:

  • Subscribe via email and/or cellphone – either to all system updates, or to only major outages as they occur
  • Visual status indicators available on the new IT Services webpage – easily see when all systems are “green” (or other – see image in email)
  • Advance notice of scheduled maintenance activities and changes
  • History and details of previous outages and maintenance activities

Check out the new IT Service website here, and click on the Status indicator to view the latest updates & subscribe!


Computer performance issues accessing network file shares

Staff may have experienced some slowness while accessing and saving files over the few days. 

ITS have observed additional peak loads over and above key periods, which has decreased the overall performance of our file servers. This may, at times, cause some applications and access to file shares to be slower than normal. ITS are continuing to monitor the performance closely and expecting these peak periods/spikes to decrease over the next 2 – 3 weeks.

There is an ITS project working hard to deliver an upgrade of the file storage system, this work is expected to be completed mid-April.  There will be further communication about this upgrade over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please let ITS know if you are experiencing performance issues accessing files or applications we would appreciate it if you would contact the IT Service Desk

Detailed information from you will help use us to target where these performance issues are occurring.

The type of information that is useful includes:

  • Your usercode
  •  If you know the Computer name you were using
  • Date and time the performance issue is occurring
  • What were you doing e.g. open file, saving file, opening application
  • How long did it take to open or save
  • Were you on the physical network i.e. network cable or on wireless?
  • Where were you saving the file e.g. P or K drive
  •  If possible please provide the path and the name of the file e.g. \\file\department\ITS\text.doc

We apologise for any impact or disruption these performance issues may be causing.