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The changing face of LEARN

On 10 November 2019 LEARN was upgraded, changing the way it looks and where you find things.

There are a number of resources in the e-Learning Help for staff page on those changes, but for those wishing to have a demonstration and discussion in person, we are running three brief sessions in the lead up to the start of Semester 1.

The details of these sessions are as below, no sign up is required.

  • Mon 10 Feb, 10am in Poutama, Level 3, Central Library
  • Tue 11 Feb, 2pm in Poutama, Level 3, Central Library
  • Wed 12 Feb, 11am in Poutama, Level 3, Central Library

LEARN is getting a facelift!

On 10 November 2019 LEARN will be upgraded. A consequence of the upgrade will be a change to how LEARN looks. It will have a cleaner, contemporary interface and an improved experience on mobile devices. In addition, the upgrade will include improved: forum management, messaging interface, and analytics.  All courses and their activities and resources will remain unchanged.

Front Page

Course Page

During 2019 the e-Learning Support team has been finding out what people think of LEARN and working to create the new look and feel based on feedback from staff and students.  There will be a number of opportunities to become familiar with the changes:

If you have any specific feedback about the theme please contact: