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Massage Therapy UC Rec Centre – COVID 19


With the current status of COVID-19 in New Zealand, we have been recommended by Massage New Zealand (MNZ) to follow the health professionals guidelines from the ministry of health:

We have increased our cleaning, hand washing, personal and room sanitizing procedures at the UC Rec Centre before and after clients.

If you are however concerned please do what is best for your own health.

Massage therapists will be updated by MNZ as events unfold and we will inform you when things may change. Otherwise we are continuing to offer a great service and we thank you for your support. 

Tina George PHMT owner

Massage Therapy | Haumanu Mirimiri @ the Rec Centre

The year has started with some wonderful hot summers days. No doubt people are very busy getting back into academic programmes and maybe some outdoor sports and gardening. Achy muscles are sometimes hard to get on top of and our massage therapists are here to help.



At the UC Rec Centre we have had massage therapy available at discounted rates for staff and students. We are currently going through some staff changes and we say goodbye to one of our therapists who has been with us since the start.

Shyanne Poutai has been a great asset to our team and we wish her the best for her future endeavours as she has developed a great start to her massage therapy career.

WELCOME: To Jared Williams and Hadassah Topp.

Jared is currently a clinic supervisor at the NZ college of massage and is covering our tuesday afternoon shift and likes to offer therapeutic deep tissue treatment for headaches and musculoskeletal discomfort.

Hadassah Top is starting her saturday shifts whilst she completes her therapeutic training this year. Hadassah (Darcy) is a relaxation, stress management and pregnancy specialist with a wonderful kind and caring nature.

If you would like to book an appointment for a discounted massage at the Rec Centre please go to this link



Welcome to Anna Morgan Massage Therapist

My name is Anna Morgan and last year I completed my Bachelor of Health Studies specialising in Neuromuscular Therapy. Within this I achieved Diplomas in Clinical and Sports and Therapeutic Massage, and am also a Registered Therapist with Massage New Zealand.
My philosophy includes an emphasis on acknowledging and treating the physical, emotional and biochemical aspects and stresses associated to each client, by using numerous techniques learnt at the New Zealand College of Massage in Auckland.
My particular passion within massage therapy involves assisting with chronic pain, and associated conditions including headaches/migraines. Another passion includes treating sport related conditions, a reason why I entered into massage therapy as a career.

If you would like to book a session with me at the University of Canterbury Recreation Centre, follow this link:
Or you can book on the tablet HUB at the Rec Centre
Hours: Wednesday/Thursday 2-9pm, Friday 9-5pm.
Thank you
– Neuromuscular Therapy
– Sports Massage (pre and post event)
– Trigger Point Therapy
– Myofascial Release
– Deep Tissue
– Relaxation Massage
– Postural Analysis
– Pregnancy Massage
– TMJ Therapy
– Cranial Sacral Therapy

Welcome to Shyanne Poutai our massage therapist

Shyanne Poutai
Kia ora
My name is Shyanne Poutai and I have recently completed my Diploma in Clinical Massage with the New Zealand College of Massage.
I became a massage therapist as I want to provide my clients with knowledge about self care through massage therapy, exercising/strengthening or a holistic approach.
I believe Massage is one of many modalities that can help reduce stress, ease aches and pains. My sessions vary in their approach from a western perspective or maori perspective. I use the concept of te whare tapa wha (the four walls of a Marae) in my practice. Depending on what each client is after I can cater to their needs for health, wellbeing and a balanced approach.
If you would like to book a time please go to this link and come to see me at the University of Canterbury Recreation Centre:
Hours: Monday/ Tuesday 12 – 8, Wednesday 11-1.30, Saturday 10-4
Nga Mihi
– Deep tissue
– Postural analysis
– Sport massage
– Strapping
– Swedish massage
– Relaxation massage
– Pregnancy massage
– Paplative massage
– Reiki practitioner

On Campus Massage

Port Hills Massage therapy has set up in the Rec Centre to offer staff and students discounted service to help support health and wellness on campus.


Tina George is a part time staff member at the Rec Centre and has been a therapist for 13 years. Tina’s idea to bring massage therapy to UC campus is an extension of her home and clinic practice and hopes to provide a service with other therapists in the area.

Our aim is to give UC people and the wider community a place to come not just for great massage therapy but to be able to use the Rec Centre for fitness, fun and general improvement of health. You attend a fun class or do a workout then have a massage and a hot shower before you head home, or start your day.

Regular therapy monthly or quarterly can help with reducing stress, alleviate chronic muscular discomfort (neck, shoulders, lower back) from sitting at desks for hours on end and is one way we can introduce balance back into our bodies and our busy lives.

We have provided an easy booking system to book online through the rec centre web page or at the tablet hub in the hallway.


  • $40 30 min
  • $55 for 45 min
  • $70 for 60 min
  • $100 for 90 min

Monday – Saturday:

Remember to take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit.

Thank you all and stay warm this winter