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UC Alum Dr Lane Perry to deliver Keynote Address at the Third Community Engagement Summit

UC Alum Dr Lane Perry (PhD ’11) will deliver a Keynote Address entitled “To strive for a higher purpose: High impact community engagement as a tool for balance” at the Third Community Engagement Summit on Tuesday, 8 December.

Dr Perry completed his PhD thesis in 2011 by conducting research on two UC courses that use community engagement as the main teaching approach. Also while at UC, Dr Perry served as a Coordinator of the Emerging Leaders Development Programme.

After graduating from UC, he was appointed to his current role as the Director of Service Learning at Western Carolina University.

Dr Perry’s Keynote is part of a larger programme for the Summit focused on the theme of “Universities as Good Neighbours” and will feature addresses by the Student Volunteer Army President, Alex Cheeseborough, the Riccarton-Wigram Strengthening Communities Advisor, Marie Byrne, Sergeant Steve Jones of the Riccarton West Neighborhood Police Team, and UC Human Resources administrator Martin Budd about his service trip to post-quake Nepal.

An optional service project that will include planting meadow wildflowers in the rail corridor in Riccarton will take place on Monday 7 December.

Registration for the Summit is free due to the support of the Riccarton-Wigram Community Board and includes morning/afternoon teas, lunch, and great conversations!

Online registration is at

CHCH101 students present their work at the Epic Building



The final session of CHCH101 for Semester 2 was held in the BNZ Lounge of the Epic Building in the Innovation Precinct. Following the Ministry of Awesome’s Coffee and Jam format, the nine student groups presented their work with the following community organisations:

  • Bike Share Christchurch
  • The Buskathon
  • City Council Graffiti Prevention Team
  • Epic Building
  • Gap Filler
  • Imagination Station
  • Riccarton-Wigram Community Board
  • Spring Feast for Women at the City Mission
  • The Unreasonable Institute

The students  presented their individual Healing Proposals, which are ideas to improve a specific aspect of a specific community. Their work of over 400 hours helped to advance the causes of these organisations and provided them with valuable employability skills and experiences. There were awesome displays of passion, planning, and purpose ranging from:

  • shifting food leftovers from waste to meals
  • a volunteering matchmaking app
  • post-party clean up crews
  • volunteer rowing coaching
  • inter-generational initiatives
  • an edible forest on the UC campus
  • improving public facilities in parts of Christchurch.

We’re confident we’ll see some of these ideas come to life here and in other parts of the world!

Many thanks to Nic Hetherington, Felicity Jane, and Luke Gillespie for co-teaching the course, the community partners for collaborating with us, and the students for getting into it! ‪

UC Community Engagement Hub Monthly Update for September and Upcoming Events

The UC Community Engagement Hub Monthly Update for September and a list of Upcoming Events for October-December is now available.

Please suggest to UC Pasifika students whom you know that we are accepting applications until 15 October for an academic community engagement experience that includes an all expenses trip to Vanuatu in February, courtesy of the US Embassy in New Zealand.


Over 300 students engage with community – Highlight from the Hub

Over 300 UC students engage with the community 

Over 300 UC students have engaged with more than 50 different community groups in five Semester 2 courses.Their engagement was aligned with the academic content, learning outcomes and assessment of the courses.

The students’ ideas were based on what they heard at the Hub and the academic content of the adult learning theories learned in class.

In one example, EDUC205 students and lecturers visited the Phillipstown Community Hub twice to interact with the providers and consumers of adult learning opportunities there.

On a third visit, the students presented ideas about other adult learning possibilities to the Hub’s Board, the Neighbourhood Police Team, and several residents.

One of the students’ ideas to create a men’s fitness centre and group at the Phillipstown Community Hub is now being further developed by an intern from the School of Sport and Physical Education.

Hub Board Member Wayne Hawker expressed his gratitude for the students’ ideas and believed that many were plausible and desirable.

The courses were:- CHCH101: Rebuilding Christchurch, EDUC101: Learning, EDUC205: Critical Issues in Adult Learning, MGMT208: Principles of Leadership. GEOG309: Research Methods in Geography.


Come visit the UC Mini-Campus on Victoria Street for Parking Day on Friday, 18 September

Many thanks to colleagues from across UC who are contributing to the UC Mini-Campus on Victoria Street (near The Bog and Black and White Cafe) for Parking Day on Friday, 18 September, 9 AM-3 PM.

Please come by to check out these cool activities.

  • Antarctic Research and Gear, UC PhD students  Gabriela Rodan & Peter Taylor
  • Basketball shot, golf swing, and vertical jump analysis, Jenny Clarke, UC Sport & Physical Education
  • Serious Lego Play to solve health care delivery challenges, Arin Basu, UC Health Sciences
  • Interacting with the City through Art, Felicity Powell, UC Community Engagement Hub

Lectures at the Grand Standium:

  • 10-11 AM: Positive Psychology in Leadership, Tom Matthews (UC Management)
  • 11-Noon: Open Mike/Buskers
  • 12-1 PM: People for Cities, Cities for People, Ciaran Fox, All Right Campaign
  • 1-2 PM: Humour in Writing, Dan Beddgood (UC English)
  • 2-3 PM: The Digital Academic Revolution, Kara Kennedy (UC History)

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