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UC Community Engagement Hub Website & Monthly Update for August

To advance the “engaged in the community” attribute of the UC Graduate Profile, the UC Community Engagement Hub was created this year. Please check out our new website at:

The Resources and Support link on the homepage ( will take you to the monthly update for August, upcoming events, and resources for engagement, teaching, and research.

Please consider coming along to an all staff session about this attribute on Friday, 9 October, Noon-1 PM, KH07, which will be facilitated by the Director of the Community Engagement Hub, Associate Professor Billy Osteen.


The never-ending student experience

One of our vibrant campus initiatives was the Student Experience timeline on the hoardings outside the new Education building. The aim was to show today’s students how student life has always been a desirable and unforgettable “experience”  and  give them a sense that they’re not only part of something “now” but to something that is a long and exciting tradition.

During the process, we uncovered so many great historic photographs that we also digitised and  dropped them into short videos that each spanned a 40 year era. You can check them all out here:  who knows – they might inspire you to go and view the full size timeline!






Exceptional concrete pour for the RSIC

Contractors prepare for the first major concrete pour of the RSIC project
Contractors prepare for the first major concrete pour of the RSIC project

As part of our campus transformation programme, a number of exceptionally large concrete pours will occur on the Ilam campus between now and the end of 2015. The first of these takes place next on Monday 31 August on the RSIC site.

In all – 1250m3 of concrete will be poured into the foundations which contractors have been preparing for over the past few months. From start to finish, the pour will take up to 14 hours beginning at 12.00am on Monday morning.

Special traffic management plans are in place, with up to 400 truck movements involved. There could be six moving onto site and six moving off site at any one time, with areas allocated on campus to hold up to another six if necessary.

A major exercise in logistics and a real milestone for the project.



Works around E8 E9 tomorrow – 21 August

A specialist truck needs to access the area between Electrical Link and the Core tomorrow in order to drive earthing poles into the ground. This requires a portion of the hoardings that keep the public out of the site to be removed temporarily.

Any truck movements outside hoardings will be time to occur while lectures are in session and foot traffic is minimal, and spotters will be engaged on each side of the truck.

Once the earth poles are driven in, the truck will exit via the same route and the hoarding replaced. Please take extra care around this area tomorrow.

Engineering north/south walkway closure from 22 August to 6 September

north/south walkway






A number of works need to be undertaken in Plant Room 12 which currently forms part of the north/south walkway through the engineering precinct.

Because these works necessitate closure of the plant room, they are being undertaken during mid-term break when the majority of students are absent from campus.

The plant room will be closed from Saturday 22 August until Sunday 6 September, and alternative access will be signposted during the period.

All other areas around the plant room, that formed part of the north/south walkway, will remain accessible and the walkway will be back in operation when lectures resume Monday 7 September.