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Seeking: Queenstown accom

I have stupidly (or not so stupidly..?) entered into the Queenstown half-marathon with two fellow wahine flatmates. Like our training, we have put off booking accommodation until now and see there are some issues (nothing surprising).

Does anyone have/know of any accommodation available in the Queenstown area for the Fri and Sat nights (20&21 Nov)? Obviously happy to pay – we just need somewhere to lay and recover.

Flick me an email


New Zealand Flag Consideration Project

Long List of 40 Alternative Flag Designs
On 10 August 2015 the Panel announced a long list of 40 alternative flag designs for further investigation. In finalising the long list, the Panel was guided by what thousands of kiwis shared about what is special to them about New Zealand, and invited a number of cultural (including tikanga), vexillology, art and design experts to review the selection to ensure the designs are workable and there are no known impediments.

Engagement Process (mid-September to mid-November)
By mid-September the Panel will have released four alternative flag designs, which eligible voters will be able to rank in the first binding referendum later this year (20 November – 11 December). During this time panel members will be available to present the four flag designs to significant community groups and events including, but not limited to, Māori, Pasifika, business groups, churches, ethnic communities and youth groups.

This is the first time in New Zealand’s history that the public has been provided with an opportunity to have a say in our national flag.

There’s an opportunity the Panel may be on campus to do a presentation, but this will be confirmed at a later date.