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Information about the UC Strategy is now on the Intranet

More information about the progress of the UC Strategy (prepared following the E tū, kia ora consultation process) can be found on the University’s intranet. This content will be reviewed and revised over the coming months so be sure to check back regularly for updated information.

Major announcements about the strategy will also continue to feature here on Intercom | Pā mai tō reo.

E tū, kia ora progress update

Earlier this week Vice-Chancellor Professor Cheryl de la Rey shared with Staff Forum attendees an update on the E tū, kia ora UC strategy process.

Since the launch of the consultation process in late March there has been 800 hours devoted to face-to-face meetings, the Vice-Chancellor has met with about 500 staff, close to 700 people responded to the staff survey and 1300 lines of feedback from workshops and written submissions has been recorded.

Four clear topics were identified in the workshops and written submissions: Education, Operations, UC in the Community and Reputation.


Improving the quality of education, investigating new delivery methods and fostering a multidisciplinary approach to teaching were the most commented on aspects under the education heading, along with focusing on graduate attributes and supporting student wellbeing.


Decreasing bureaucracy and changing the operational structure and funding methods were the most popular comments recorded, along with a desire for more collaboration across the University. Also raised were points relating to improving professional development and providing more support for administrative tasks.

UC in the Community

Collaboration across the University was also a key discussion point when talking about UC’s role in the community, as was our engagement and impact within the wider community. Feedback also indicated that we needed to build more external relationships and partnerships, recognise the importance of our geographical location and ensure we share our knowledge.


Many workshop participants saw an improvement in our rank and reputation as important, suggesting that identifying our points of difference, looking at internationalisation and becoming a global university, and attracting and supporting international students is key to achieving this.

Results from the survey can be found here>

Next steps

With the consultation process almost complete, the next step is for the draft strategy to go before the Academic Board on 12 July. Colleges and services will consider the draft in parallel. From there, the draft will go before Council for a workshop on 27 July, and then back to Academic Board on 9 August for them to consider feedback. Council will then consider the final strategy at a meeting on 28 August.

As discussed in her presentation, Professor De la Rey has said that while the process started by focusing mostly on the academic there has been a really strong voice that has come out of the process saying UC has to focus on the operations side of the University, so this will be included in the final document.

“Some of the operational issues… it’s simplifying, about collaboration – enabling collaboration, about commitment to the community and how we translate that into practice, about a set of values that we subscribe to and translating that into day-to-day practice and then about the role of the University in Christchurch and Canterbury. That is what has come up consistently in the discussions.”

Staff are encouraged to keep an eye on the intranet over the coming weeks as a dedicated site focused on E tū, kia ora feedback and findings will be launched.

E tū, kia ora – Conversation Starter – Values

Our third E tū, kia ora video conversation starter about values is now up on Intercom | Pā mai tō reo.

Exploring the values which underpin our culture here at UC was another important topic raised by staff during the recent E tū, kia ora  staff workshops.

We encourage you click the link above to view the video, then have a discussion with your colleagues about the topic and tell us what you think in the comments, or you can email the Strategic Planning team via

If you have not already, please also take a moment to check out the previous E tū, kia ora video conversation starters about culture and  how UC fits into the city of Christchurch.

E tū, kia ora – Conversation Starter – Culture

Our latest E tū, kia ora video conversation starter is up on Intercom | Pā mai tō reo>

This conversation starter focuses on the culture at UC, a key theme identified during both the staff survey and workshop sessions.

We encourage you click the link above to view the video, then have a discussion with your colleagues about the topic and tell us what you think in the comments.

Please also take a moment to check out the previous E tū, Kia ora video conversation starter about how UC fits into the city of Christchurch.


The E tū, kia ora staff survey was conducted earlier this year as part of the academic planning process for UC.

We had a great response to the survey, with around 700 respondents, and a representative split between academic and general staff. Thanks to all who took the time to participate.

The survey asked staff to think about UC’s place in the world, and what is important to its academic success. In the survey, staff were asked to rate their satisfaction and perceived importance in relation to the following six attributes: international ranking, teaching quality, learning experience, research quality, research focus, and tools and support.

What the results show:

While all six attributes were regarded as important, that importance varied – with some clear differences between academic and general staff in the fields of international rankings, research focus and research quality.

      • More than two thirds of staff agreed that they were satisfied with UC’s overall teaching quality and with the learning experience we give students
      • More than 50% agreed they are satisfied with UC’s overall research quality, but only 40% agreed that they were satisfied with the focus of the University’s research
      • Academic staff placed more importance on research quality, while research focus was perceived as more important for general staff
      • Academic staff also placed more importance, and had a higher satisfaction level in terms of international rankings.

For some attributes, a high percentage of staff considered them important, but were dissatisfied with UC’s performance in that area.

      • More than 90 percent of respondents agreed that tools and support were important to carry out their role, but just under half (45%) agreed they were satisfied with the tools and support provided
      • 78% agreed UC’s place in international rankings was important, but just 44% were satisfied with UC’s current placing.

Comments received revealed there were seven categories of interest for staff: operations, values and culture, quality education, quality research, reputation and relationships, growth and size, and becoming an anchor university.

There were very few differences between the written comments made by academic and general staff, and the most frequently mentioned themes in those areas related to: improving IT, supporting quality education, decreasing bureaucracy, changing funding priorities, improving UC’s values and culture, and providing more support for administrative tasks.

The final E tū, kia ora workshop is due to take place on 7 June. There are still spots available, see here for registration details>

Once the sessions are complete the feedback will be collated and work on the draft strategy will begin.