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Future students, UC Bound

UC hosted 74 new-to-UC students from across Canterbury last week, for UC Bound 2018.

UC Bound is an annual event that gives our future students the opportunity to meet new friends, help them become familiar with campus and provide them with the best tips and tricks to prepare for Semester one.

This year we introduced UCGo, a specially designed scavenger hunt that took students the length and breadth of the Ilam campus. The game helped students get to know the area, and work with information that would be especially helpful for their first year of tertiary education such as where to find the heath centre, the services available from Puaka-James Hight and more.

The spot prizes given out during the day including UC merchandise, UCSA O-week event tickets and more, only sweetened the deal.

When it came to lunch, our events team decided to lean into the dietary challenges you would normally expect with an event this size, working with the team at Bacon Bros to offer an entirely plant-based menu.

And they delivered, with The Roxy (featuring Jackfruit ‘pulled pork’) and Sweet Sweet Clo (coconut bacon) burgers going down a treat.

Departing UCSA President Josh Proctor led our guests in a Uni101 session, and while he had our guests in fits of laughter at times, it was clear they picked up some really helpful uni survival tips. 

Liaison lead and event MC, Sia Evalu could see the students getting the most out of the event.

“There were some anxious faces at the start, but by lunchtime you could definitely see new friendships and connections being made,” he said.

“They left happy with the day, and how UC Bound made them feel at ease about starting their UC journey in 2019.”

If you were involved on the day and would like to provide feedback, please complete the staff survey here, before 7 January 2019.


Team Management Profile

To encourage interactions at the group level across UC we have piloted the Team Management Profile (TMP) throughout 2018.  Close to 300 staff having taken the strengths-based self-assessment survey and then participated in a variety of workshops to debrief the results.

In addition to providing individual feedback on areas for development, the tool allows us to understand the working preferences of our colleagues.  This in turn is helping UC staff to overcome barriers that may have existed, and is leading to improved working relationships and performance.

Feedback has been positive from people who have used the tool, with many saying how fun and interactive the workshops are.

Some other comments received include:

“I used the TMP pacing tool before our first meeting and I felt it really made a difference.  Our communication style matched what it predicted, and I felt we achieved more in the meeting.”

“My Team have commented that they found it really interesting as well as fun.  They have all commented on the revelation that everyone in the Team would rather have a conversation about something rather than sending emails.  In just 24 hours I have seen staff being much freer in communicating face to face as we all now understand that this is a communication style that works for all of us.”

“I have had staff express to me how they are excited about being able to focus more on where their strengths lie and how they now have some more insight into how others operate at work.”

“I’ve had two 1:1 meetings with staff today and both staff members were eager to talk about their profiles in terms of what they are learning about themselves and generating ideas about how we could capitalise on the preferred working styles of the whole Team.”

If you are interested in finding out how the TMP could benefit your Research Group/Team/Area please talk to your HR Advisor.

Blue CLUES #4 – Moving Groups from the Red to the Blue

A reminder that our final Blue CLUES sessions for 2018 are being held next week (Tuesday 20 and Wednesday 21 November).  If you would like to come along and have not yet registered, please email

Hei konā mai

Karen Grant
Organisational Development Advisor

Whiria te Taura Tangata | Weave the Rope of People – UC’s Organisational Culture Development Programme

The Grounds Department is having a Plant Sale


One day only,  rain or shine

What:  Would you like to buy a Rhododendron for ONE DOLLAR?!

Due to the nursery downsizing and wanting to do less watering in Summer, the Grounds Department is having a Clearance Sale of Plants

— Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Camellias
— Natives, Cultivated Natives
— Exotics

Nothing above $10.00

Price includes plant, the pot it came in, and soil. Weeds are free.

Bring a bag, bring a box, bring a trailer.
Buy, buy and take away.

Payment only by EFTPOS, Debit / Credit Cards
– Absolutely NO Cash Sales.

Where: Grounds Department on Homestead Lane opposite CLV Ilam Apartments

When: 8.00am -4.00pm

Other  items available to purchase, inquire on the day.
SAFETY FIRST:  Enclosed shoes must be worn, Beware slips, trips and falls.

Professional development – putting the AU back into whakawhanAUngatanga

John Kapa, Kapoipoi, Student Development Advisor Māori  explains the significance of putting the AU back into whakawhanAUngatanga, including an opportunity for professional development. 

Putting the AU back into whakawhanAUngatanga – Wednesday 14 November, 1.30pm-3.30pm

This is a workshop co-ordinated by the Professional Learning Community of in-house trainers.
Places are limited – if you would like to attend, please contact the Learning & Development team requesting an invitation (with the location) to be sent to you.

Relationships are important. The idea of AU (I) is more than being individualistic, rather it is also the strength of connection and working as a collective found in whakawhanAUngatanga. Whakawhanaungatanga is the act of and is the process of establishing links, making connections and relating to the people one meets by identifying in culturally appropriate ways, whakapapa linkages, past heritages, points of engagement, or other relationships.

In a metaphoric sense, Mead (2003) asserts that whanaungatanga reaches beyond actual whakapapa relationships and includes relationships to people who are not kin but who, through shared experiences, feel and act as kin.

Exploring this further, this session looks at your self-identified attributes around whanaungatanga to identify touch points and how this could be applied positively at work with peers or with ākonga (students) for example. This will be undertaken through exercises and pūrakau (stories).


For great time-saving tips, look up our Archive of Tech Tips or look through the Technology Information for Staff website.

Was this tip helpful to you? Anything else you want to know? Please leave a comment below.

You’ll find more learning at Learning and Development.

Information and Question session – Technology Information for Staff

Have you seen the Technology Information for Staff website yet? Got questions?

Martin Budd, IT Applications Training Specialist and author of Intercom Tech Tips, will be talking next week about the Technology Information for Staff website and answering questions.

11.15 – 12.00 noon, Friday 9 November
in Forestry Lecture Theatre 3.

Please email Catherine Woods anytime before 6 November with your intention to attend, so that we have enough printed materials.

Please note that we will also spend a few minutes giving an update on the speakers confirmed for the Professional Development Day, 11 April 2019.

The Technology Information for Staff website is a portal to the everyday technology things you need to know while doing your job here at UC. If you are looking for general IT information, this is the  place to start. It covers everything from passwords to training, remote access to electronic filing, SPAM to traveling with your mobile devices, Skype for Business to ergonomics, and more.

The Technology Information for Staff web site also serves as an IT Induction for new staff, so please direct new staff members to it. (It is also on the New Staff Orientation Checklist). If you are a new staff member you can work through it, starting on your first day and continuing from there.

To learn more about the Technology Information for Staff website read the Intercom Blog post:

Have you seen our Archive of Tech Tips?

For Professional Development, see the Learning and Development website.