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How can you be fond of thousands of anything? Animals (especially sheep) and the history of New Zealand emotions

Associate Professor Philip Armstrong (English)

‘Is it not animal emotions that make our feelings intelligible?’ asks Alphonso Lingis. Certainly, the study of human-animal relationships cannot be undertaken without attentiveness of questions of affect, but there are also many areas in the history of human emotions – more than might appear at first glance – that turn out to be intensely affected by concepts of animality, by assumptions about differences between humans and animals, or by actual animals themselves. These relationships have only recently begun to be investigated in both historical and contemporary Aotearoa New Zealand. In this paper I will try to draw out some of the discoveries and conundrums emerging from such investigations. My examples will mostly relate to that most ubiquitous, symbolically over-determined, and yet trivialised of all New Zealand animals: Ovis aries, the domestic sheep. Read more…

  • Date: Wednesday 30 September 2015, 02:00PM to 30 September 2015, 03:00PM
  • Location: Room 612, Karl Popper building, Ilam Campus

Soul of Fire – She Fought for Peace

A play (with music) by Susanne F. Wolf about Bertha von Suttner, the famous Austrian pacifist and first female Nobel Prize laureate.

Over 60 performances of this play have taken place in Austria, Paris, Istanbul, Oslo, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and Iran. Superb Austrian actress Maxi Blaha plays Bertha von Suttner. As an avid pacifist, this remarkable woman was the figurehead of a world-wide peace movement. Read more…

  • Date: Friday 25 September 2015, 01:00PM to 25 September 2015, 02:45PM
  • Location: Undercroft 101 Seminar Room, Puaka-James Hight, Ilam Campus

UC School of Music Composition Workshop with Jeremy Mayall

Jeremy Mayall is a Composer/Producer/Performer originally from Hamilton and is extremely pleased to be the current Mozart Fellow at Otago University.

He regularly works in a range of musical genres as both composer and performer. Jeremy is interested in writing for odd combinations of sounds, particularly fusing pre-recorded sound with live performance, and has most recently been exploring the world of cross-genre hybridity. His Symphony No.1 for orchestra and turntables is the first orchestral symphony to feature turntablism as a part of its composition, and the piece has received numerous readings and performances by orchestras around NZ. Read more…

  • Date: Monday 28 September 2015, 03:30PM to 28 September 2015, 05:00PM
  • Location: Recital Room 205, UC School of Music, Ilam Campus

Come visit the UC Mini-Campus on Victoria Street for Parking Day on Friday, 18 September

Many thanks to colleagues from across UC who are contributing to the UC Mini-Campus on Victoria Street (near The Bog and Black and White Cafe) for Parking Day on Friday, 18 September, 9 AM-3 PM.

Please come by to check out these cool activities.

  • Antarctic Research and Gear, UC PhD students  Gabriela Rodan & Peter Taylor
  • Basketball shot, golf swing, and vertical jump analysis, Jenny Clarke, UC Sport & Physical Education
  • Serious Lego Play to solve health care delivery challenges, Arin Basu, UC Health Sciences
  • Interacting with the City through Art, Felicity Powell, UC Community Engagement Hub

Lectures at the Grand Standium:

  • 10-11 AM: Positive Psychology in Leadership, Tom Matthews (UC Management)
  • 11-Noon: Open Mike/Buskers
  • 12-1 PM: People for Cities, Cities for People, Ciaran Fox, All Right Campaign
  • 1-2 PM: Humour in Writing, Dan Beddgood (UC English)
  • 2-3 PM: The Digital Academic Revolution, Kara Kennedy (UC History)

For any questions, please contact Billy Osteen at