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How Do I Do That On The Computer?

We all have times when we need to perform a task on our computer but we just don’t quite know how to do it! So what to do?

3 methods:

  1. Be wise, be quick: ask someone nearby. Share knowledge. This is team-building. There should be no shame in not knowing.
  2. Look up the Microsoft Knowledge Base. this is a great place to type in a question and find an easy-to-follow, step-by-step procedure. For example, “How do I use the Lookup function in Excel?” Click here.
  3. Ask Google! Just type your question in plain English into any search engine, eg, Google, and most times a suitable and successful answer will immediately come up. Whatever challenge you have before you, someone else has usually had before. Try it: click here.

Check out our Archive of Tech Tips. Click the link, then hit the ‘End’ key on your keyboard to jump to the end of the Archive list where the most recent Tips are.

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Discover the World with the Gallup World Poll – a first for UC and university’s in New Zealand

Thanks to the generous support of the University of Canterbury Foundation, students and staff now have access to the Gallup World Poll!

Only a few universities in the world have access to this data. UC  is the first university in New Zealand to give this opportunity to its staff and students. 

Gallup’s World Poll continually surveys residents in more than 150 countries, representing more than 99% of the world’s adult population, using randomly selected, nationally representative samples.

  • Gallup typically surveys 1,000 individuals in each country, using a standard set of core questions that has been translated into the major languages of the respective country.
  • Questions cover a wide range of issues including work, law and order, social issues, ethics, well-being etc.
  • Data are yearly and available since 2006. Because of its worldwide coverage, the Gallup World Poll provides a unique opportunity to put the New Zealand opinion into an international perspective and stimulate global awareness.

Did you know  that in 2013, 66% of New Zealand respondents who were employed indicated they considered their job to be the ideal job for them (compared to 80% of German respondents)? Or that in 2017, 90% of New Zealand respondents indicated the area they live in is a good place to live for racial/ethnic minorities (compared to 42% of Chinese respondents)?

Added value

In addition to the Gallup Analytics portal which provides access to the aggregated results of these polls, staff and students can also obtain respondent level data from the Gallup World Poll via the Business and Economics Subject Librarian, Janette Nicolle. Given there are about 1000 respondents per country, for over 100 countries in the world and for most years since 2006, this is a great source of data for both research and teaching!

If you would like to know more details about this dataset or discuss possible uses of the data, please feel free to contact Business and Economics Subject Librarian, Janette Nicolle or Associate Professor Tom Coupe who has experience working with this database.

Are your meetings as effective as they can be?

Are your meetings building morale and enhancing your team or department culture? Or are you frustrated by their inability gain effective outcomes?

Chairing a meeting well is essential to increasing commitment to the task, harnessing the group’s strengths, promoting creative solutions that achieve results, and delivering a sense of satisfaction for all involved.

Join us to fine tune your Chairing skills with the Chairing Effective Meetings workshop on Wednesday 20 June.
This is the only time the course will be run for the year and places are limited.
Register now so you don’t miss out!


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Do you encounter challenging clients?

Register now for Challenging Client Situations!
Monday 28 May, 9am – 1pm.

This programme will assist you to understand some of the origins of challenging behaviour your client’s may present to you, quickly
recognise a range of challenging situations, recognise and manage behaviour escalation and to respond in a constructive way. You will also explore your responses when confronted by challenging client behaviour and ways to manage yourself during interactions.

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Build your confidence as a trainer or facilitator

Registrations are now open for the Training with Confidence course.
Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 June, from 9.30 – 1.00pm each day.

This course is an introduction to training and facilitation. If this sounds like you, or if you are presenting or holding team meetings to share knowledge and learn from each other, then register now.

Places are limited. Registrations close 30th May.

Details for the more advanced Training with Confidence Part II are being finalised. You will need to have training experience to do the advanced course. More details to soon.

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