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A sense of belonging for all

Many of you will be aware of the political situation in Hong Kong. Sometimes global events impact on our students here at UC. This is a reminder that we want all staff and students to feel that they belong to the wider UC community.

At UC we are committed to academic freedom and freedom of speech. While people have different opinions on a matter, they must express those opinions in a way that respects the rights and views of others. Without exception the University will not tolerate racism or harassment of any kind.

If you witness racist behaviour at any time you can choose to take action if you feel comfortable to do so, or you can report what you have seen by using the Report It tool or you can ring Security on 0800 823 637.

Students have received a similar message which you can see here.

I want to know…? Your Staff Forum topic suggestions

The next Staff Forum | Te Wānanga Kaimahi is on Tuesday 3 December, 11am – 12.30pm. This is your chance to submit suggestions for presentations at the forum by SMT members.

What do you want to know? This is your staff forum, so let’s make it relevant to as many UC staff, professional and academic, as possible.

To submit your suggestions for topics for the December staff forum click here: Staff Forum Topics Suggestion Box before 23 August. Submissions are anonymous.

Remember that you can also submit specific questions leading up to the staff forum via the online platform, and during the event both in person and via

Thanks for your participation. See you at the next Staff Forum | Te Wānanga Kaimahi.

Student building Haere-roa officially opens

After two years’ of construction, Haere-roa, the new UCSA building, officially opened on Friday 2 August.


It was an major milestone for the organisation, which has been without a permanent home since the 2011 earthquake. It also marked the official return of the legendary Ngaio Marsh Theatre.

The opening ceremony was MC’d by UCSA CE Dave Hawkey, while the ribbon was cut by a selection of past student presidents or their delegates. Speakers on the night included Hon. David Caygill, UC Chancellor Susan McCormack, Mayor Lianne Dalziel and UCSA  President Sam Brosnahan.

The UCSA thanks UC staff for supporting the building project along the way.  President Sam Brosnahan says Haere-roa will be true asset for the University. “We’re really stoked to welcome people inside, and to see the building full of life. This new building is a fantastic investment in UC students, but it’s also a great space for the community and for theatre-lovers”.

To learn more about Haere-roa, or to contribute to its ongoing fundraising campaign, visit the UCSA website.

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Australasian University Health Challenge (10,000 Steps)


Yesterday (1 August) marked the first official day for signups on the Australasian University Health Challenge. If you haven’t heard much about it then visit our website for a bit more information.

In short there are 12 universities from Australia and New Zealand, challenging each other to see who can get the most steps from August 19 to September 29. So we invite you, your friends, colleagues, students, and anyone with two legs to join us in feeling healthier whilst beating the Aussies.

Why are we doing this challenge you may ask? Well less than 20% of Australian adults reach the recommended level of 10,000 steps per day on average. What is more shocking is nearly half (49%) of all New Zealand adults do not achieve at least 30 minutes of physical activity on 5 days or more per week according to the Ministry of Health annual update 2013/14. That there is a shocking number! Multiple studies have shown that physical activity and exercise can help lower cholesterol, improve cognitive function, improve blood pressure, and bring happiness. With all these benefits this challenge is literally a walk in the park.

Join up by visiting our website or heading to the 10,000 steps page