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How are you managing your wellbeing?

 Let’s find out what UC’s go-to activity is!

Select your favourite activity in the poll and click “vote” to submit your answer. Then click “results” to see what everyone else is doing to look after their wellbeing. 

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What is your go-to activity to keep a clear mind?
What is your go-to activity to keep a clear mind?
What is your go-to activity to keep a clear mind?


Tips for healthy eating during the isolation period…

Although we’re all under lockdown, we are still allowed to go to the supermarket to buy food. The following information might help in terms of making choices on what foods to buy.

Basics to a healthy brain – eat nutrient dense food with lots of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)!

Simple tips
1. Start with whole foods diet approach including good fats, nuts, seeds, fish, modest amount of meat, vegetables, fruit, whole grains

2. Shifting towards eating “real” as opposed to processed foods naturally eliminates unnecessary food additives such as artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and preservatives that do not add nutritional value and may contribute to psychiatric symptoms in some people

3. Limit sugar intake (sugar is everywhere in processed foods, energy/fizzy drinks – look at labels to spot the hidden sugar)

4. Watch caffeine and alcohol intake doesn’t creep up

5. Eat a good solid nutrient-dense breakfast: e.g., omelette with vegetables, muesli (oats, nuts, raisins) with milk, yogurt, fresh fruit

Check out this clip, where Professor Julia Rucklidge from the Mental Health and Nutrition Team shares some valuable tips on how to sustain good mental health over the lockdown period, by eating well. Professor Rucklidge talks about the benefits of nutrients for optimal brain functioning and suggests a variety of whole foods for you to try. Near the end of the clip Professor Rucklidge talks about the benefits of deep breathing and provides us with a demonstration on how to use the 4,7,8 breathing technique.

Prof Julia Rucklidge

Te Puna Toiora, Psychology, University of Canterbury
Twitter: @JuliaRucklidge
TEDx talk:

During times of uncertainty it is important to Be Active!

Staying active is vital for maintaining a healthy wellbeing especially during the present moment with majority of us either working or studying at home. Here are some ways that you can be active at home…

  • Play ‘the floor is lava’ with the kids
  • Do a yoga or Zumba class online
  • Try out a new workout on YouTube
  • Go for walks or runs outside (just stay 2m away from others!)
  • Use the cans in the pantry as weights, stretch

Check out UC Rec Centre’s facebook page for a range of live streamed fitness classes and workouts!


If you are in self-isolation or going into self-isolation for any of the following reasons, please complete the relevant form below, so UC can support you during this time:

  • Have a confirmed case of COVID-19
  • Had close contact with a suspected OR confirmed COVID-19 case
  • Recently arrived from overseas
  • Immune system compromised
  • Symptomatic/Unwell
UC staff member in self-isolation? Register here> 
Please note: these forms are not intended for those who have been instructed to stay at home as a consequence of the Level 4 activation announced by the Government on 23 March.

UC Health – Wellbeing Tips

Dr Victoria Price and Dr Jane Scott at the UC Health Centre share some practical and simple tips that can help you alleviate stress during this time. Check out the clip here>

The clip focuses on three areas of wellbeing including, mind, body and connection, providing you with examples of how you can experience Mauri Ora / flourishing wellness through staying well, staying safe, and staying connected,

Many thanks to Dr Price & Dr Scott who took valuable time out to film just before the lockdown!