Press Tab When Filling In Forms

When you’re filling in an online form and you’re moving your cursor from one field to the next as you enter information such as your name, address, and so on, don’t use your mouse to get the cursor from field to field –


Fill in a field, then press the Tab key: the cursor will move to the next field. Fill in that field, and press Tab again: again the cursor will move to the next field.

Try it. You’ll be amazed at how much this simplifies the laborious task of filling in online forms. This works for most other programs too. (But sadly not all.)

You can also use the Tab key in Excel to move from cell to cell, or in Word tables to move from cell to cell.

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UC Strategy – public launch update

In the last few weeks the UC Strategy has been presented to external audiences in events in Christchurch and Wellington. An overarching driver of the strategy is an institutional commitment to engagement and these events provided the first opportunities to engage with the wider UC community about the Strategy.

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Local launch

The Strategy was presented to local business leaders and friends of UC at the Gala Dinner | Te Hākari held in The Great Hall of the Arts Centre on 23 October. It was well received, especially UC’s commitment to engage with stakeholders to achieve their economic, social, cultural, technology and innovation objectives, and in turn economically boost the city.

Government and New Zealand influencers

On Tuesday 5 November, Hon Dr Megan Woods co-hosted with UC the Creating the Future event at the Beehive, Wellington. Chancellor | Tumu Kaunihera Sue McCormack and Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae Professor Cheryl de la Rey presented the Strategy to Wellington business leaders, Members of Parliament and 80 other members of the public. UCSA 2020 President elect Tori McNoe injected a student voice to the event sharing her experience at UC – a chance for guests to hear from and get to know one of our inspirational student leaders. Overall, the event was a great opportunity to purposefully engage with leaders, decision makers and influencers in Wellington to strengthen our relationships and forge new ones.

Next steps

Coming up is an interactive workshop for the first round of implementation planning of the Strategy. The workshop is an opportunity to continue the collaborative work that went into creating the strategy, and for managers to prepare their teams to meet the challenge of delivering the Strategy.

You can visit the dedicated UC Strategy Site – Tangata Tū, Tangata Ora website to download the full strategy document, and if you were unable to attend a strategy presentation in October you can still view a recording of the presentation here.

Technology Enhanced Learning Spaces: Symposium

This symposium is an opportunity for the UC e-Lab to share and celebrate current research and development so we can learn more about the breadth and depth of e-learning research at UC and beyond.

Date: 25 Nov 2019
Time: 9.30am (for 10am start) – 3.30pm
Location: Rehua 103, Ilam Campus, University of Canterbury (Zoom location for virtual participants TBA)
RSVP: by 20 Nov to

The theme is “Technology Enhanced Learning Spaces”, which we see as relating widely to all kinds of learning places and spaces including virtual and online blends.  The event will also be a celebration and acknowledgement of Distinguished Professor Niki Davis and her contribution to the Lab as its founding Director and leader.

Highlights include opening plenary by Professor Una Cunningham from Stockholm University who is speaking on Interlinked physical and virtual learning spaces as well as 13 Gasta presentations (short concise 5 min presentations) by students, staff and collaborators (including international expert on digital addiction Dr Olatz Fernandez Lopez from Monash University). It will be a thought provoking event with lots of opportunity for connection and discussion. The day will be concluded by Distinguished Professor Niki Davis reflecting on Co-evolving Technology Enhanced Learning Spaces.

For a more detailed program and brief descriptions of presentations see here>

Retirement of Internet Enabler (14 November 2019)

As part of the switch over to the new firewall authentication system, Internet Enabler is scheduled to be retired on Thursday 14 November 2019 (subject to Change Advisory Board approval). This means that all IT Services-managed machines will have Internet Enabler removed from this date. Please note that Internet access will continue to operate without Internet Enabler.

If you are managing your own machines, you will need to remove Internet Enabler after 14 November 2019.  Leaving Internet Enabler installed might lead to warning messages when the new firewall is in place (currently expected to be some time in December 2019).

If you have further questions regarding the replacement of Internet Enabler at UC, please contact Aaron Evers, in the first instance.

Bootcamp, Ballet and Boxing – four week courses start 18 November

Keen to get into your best health in summer?  Not sure where to start?  Any exercise is good for your health, but here’s why Small Group Training might be a good fit for you – and you don’t have to be a RecCentre member….read on!

Why SGT? 

  • Accountability – you commit for four weeks with your hard earned cash, you’re more likely to turn up.  The group is small, so they’ll notice if you’re missing !
  • Fun – it’s way more fun to workout in a group, the time will fly by.  And because it’s the same group of people each time, you may even make a few new friends and acquaintances
  • Value – personal training can be expensive, SGT is not!  Get a top notch supervised workout at a fraction of the price.   You don’t need to plan, just turn up and be willing to do the work.

What courses are available?

Boxing A boxing based fitness class to get your heart rate up and condition your muscles to be strong, fit and healthy.

Options:  Mondays, 6.10pm with Gary or Wednesdays 6.10pm with Jay.
Cost:  $30 Members, $48 Non-Members



Bootcamp – No limits, get pushed to your edge and find your inner warrior!     Two days a week, be motivated by Gary and then you only have to motivate yourself for at least one more workout per week for good health!  Tuesdays & Thursdays at 6.30am.
Cost:  $44 Members / $74 non-members


Ballet – a ballet based fitness class where you’ll prepare the body for dance and learn real ballet steps.   Great for beginners and for those who’ve danced before!  Taught by our ballet teacher Zoe.
Cost:  $40  Members/ $64 Non-members


How to register

Simply head to the RecCentre and sign up at the desk.  We only take registrations with payment, so get in quick, because these fill up fast!   All courses are 4 weeks, commencing the week beginning 18 November, 2019.

For more information, visit our website or contact 

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