Graduate Engineer of the Year from UC

Congratulations to Alumnus Alex Jellie, now in Australia at Northrop Consulting, who was named CIBSE ANZ Graduate Engineer of the Year recently!

Alex has worked on the design of the biggest private hospital and health precinct in New South Wales, where he was one of the primary mechanical designers.

He has also worked on multi-disciplinary projects within the transport and commercial sectors.

Alex Jellie
Alumnus Alex Jellie, CIBSE ANZ Graduate Engineer of the Year.

Civil/Mechanical emergency egress

The lane way between the Civil and Natural Resources wing and the Mechanical Engineering wing is now a construction zone, and will remain so through until 2017.

Although there is still an accessway through this laneway, it is for emergency egress from the Civil/Mechanical building only and should not be used for any other reason.

Normal day to day access into and out from Civil/Mechanical is via either end of the north/south walkway.

Campus traffic

Since the start of term in mid-February,  increased pedestrian and vehicular traffic, a constant stream of construction vehicles and heavy demands on existing car parks have combined to create unprecedented irritations for everyone travelling into and around campus.

Traffic management plans are in place, especially at known pinch points such as Engineering Road, where large numbers of cyclists and motorists have been observed ignoring these measures to create situations that are dangerous to themselves and to others.

These measures exist to ensure everyone’s safety in extraordinary conditions, and with the huge influx of new students on campus, we should all be setting a good example of care and consideration when moving around campus.

While a certain level of frustration is understandable, please be patient, thoughtful and attentive and advise your students to do the same – and when cautioned to stop or slow by traffic management staff – please do so willingly.

Library Book Giveaway 18 March

Date: 18 March

Time: 12.15 pm

Location: Level 3, Central Library, Puaka James Hight

The library continues to review the UC collection and some resources are no longer required. On Friday 18 March these will be available for you to view and to take home for your own collections.

The list below gives an indication of the subjects covered:

  • North American History
  • Music Literature and theories
  • French Literature 17th and 18th Century
  • Photography
  • Children’s and Young Adult Fiction
  • Recycled Journal boxes
  • Music CDs – mainly classical (these have a library security coating on them. They do not run well in slim drives).

Resources are in the giveaway because:

• Fewer copies of the title are now required; or
• It is damaged and may have been replaced; or
• It was purchased or donated but does not meet the ‘in scope’ criteria for Learning, Teaching and Research at UC.
• An electronic equivalent is considered to be the preferred option eg. the music CDs

Keeping UC staff informed