A reading from Patrick Evans’ new novel ‘The Back of His Head’- Professor Patrick Evans (English)

A reading from Patrick Evans’ new novel ‘The Back of His Head’- Professor Patrick Evans (English)

-A Canterbury School of Continental Philosophy (CSCP) Seminar

Raymond Thomas Lawrence was one of the great literary colossi to bestride the twentieth century. He turned his upbringing in conservative Canterbury and participation in the Algerian War of Independence into a series of novels that dazzled the world, and eventually won him the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Seven years after Lawrence’s death, however, the four trustees of the literary trust set up to memorialise New Zealand’s greatest writer are facing rising costs and dwindling visitor numbers at the Residence. While fending off a self-appointed biographer, they find themselves confronting the secrets of their own intimate relationships with The Master. Read more…

All staff and students welcome.

  • Date: Friday 30 October 2015, 11:00AM to 30 October 2015, 12:00PM
  • Location: Room 252, Psychology / Sociology Building, university of Canterbury Ilam Campus


Patrick Evans
Patrick Evans

Hot Air – Film Screening and Panel Discussion on climate change

Hot Air – The politics of climate change in New Zealand: Film Screening and Panel Discussion

  • Date: Tuesday 10 November 2015, 07:00PM to 10 November 2015, 09:00PM
  • Location: C1 Lecture Theatre, University of Canterbury Ilam Campus

In the build up to the climate talks in Paris, UC Department of Political Science & International Relations is proud to host a screening of the documentary film Hot Air followed by a discussion with director Alister Barry who is  joined by a panel of speakers reflecting on the path to Paris, issues for New Zealand and the world.

During the summer of 1988 temperatures soared across America causing widespread droughts. Climate change was now on the world’s political agenda and New Zealand promised to do its share to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

HOT AIR is the story of twenty years of political struggle between politicians, scientists and activists wanting to reduce New Zealand’s emissions, and corporate leaders and their lobbyists working to protect profits and commercial advantage.

Key political leaders inside and outside parliament describe their victories and defeats, businessmen and lobbyists explain their strategies and concerns. Political commentators and academics take us behind the scenes to show how politics in New Zealand really works.

Including a wealth of archival material and interviews, this feature documentary is a thoughtful and provocative response to the question – is it possible for a small democratic nation to address the greatest political challenge of the age?

For further information please contact lea.kortman@canterbury.ac.nz

2015 Game Sense for Teaching and Coaching Conference

The 2015 Game Sense for Teaching and Coaching Conference takes place at UC from 17-18 November 2015.

Special guest speaker John McKee, the coach of the Flying Fijians (Fiji’s national rugby team), has been using Game Sense techniques to coach at elite levels. John will deliver a public lecture on Monday 16th November in Undercroft 101. A panel discussion and question and answer session will follow. Afterwards John will join attendees at The Shilling Club for drinks and nibbles. This is a free event to which all are welcome. 

The conference begins on Tuesday 17th November with a full day of presentations on game sense, Teaching Games for Understanding, Games Concept Approach and other game based approaches to teaching and coaching, including Keynote address by Associate Professor Stephen Harvey from West Virginia University, whose presentation is titled “Enhancing Practitioners’ observation, analysis and questioning skills in a game-based approach”. There are three parallel sessions with streams dedicated to Teaching and to Coaching. John McKee will also deliver a lecture on the Tuesday.

Wednesday 18th November features practical sessions delivered by national and international presenters applying games based approaches to coaching cricket, basketball, team handball, tennis, rugby and volleyball.

We now have a full programme of presentations, however registrations are still open for one or both days, and for the conference dinner on the Tuesday night at the Shilling Club. More details about the conference, along with registration options are available here:
Game Sense for Teaching and Coaching Conference

For further information please contact Dr Jenny Clarke, Conference Chair, jenny.clarke@canterbury.ac.nz.

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