The College Rainbow

If you’ve wondered about the rainbows on the hoardings around campus, the spectrum has been taken from the College colours. The words depict College names and themes; think for Arts, analyse for Law; solve for Engineering; broaden for Business; inspire for Education and discover for Science.

The phrase Whāia te mātauranga along Forestry Road translates to ‘pursue knowledge’ and we time lapsed this as it was being applied. See how it shaped up here .

Canterbury ‘Bee Team’ helps typhoon victims

Five UC students have returned from the Philippines after helping a poor community of 2,280 people establish hives of stingless bees to aid the community’s recovery from typhoon devastation.

The Canterbury students helped cultivate 32 native bee hives for organic honey production in Barangay Tarong in Carles, Iloilo during a week-long visit to the community, which was hard-hit by typhoon Haiyan in November 2013.

Nicknamed ‘The Bee Team’, the students are Claire Musson, Kilali Gibson, Victoria Ning, Jessie Weber-Sparrow and Callum Clark. The team won UC’s 21 Day International Challenge in May.

Read more about their efforts in the Philippines here.

Flu vaccines still available at UC Health Centre

Influenza-like illnesses are currently starting to follow an upward trend in Canterbury and, last year, the numbers did not peak until mid-July and continued until the end of August.

The UC Health Centre strongly encourages all UC staff to get a flu vaccine, which takes 7-10 days to fully cover you against the three influenza viral strains currently in circulation. The flu vaccine is free for all staff – just phone 364-2402 (ext. 6402) to book an appointment.

Keeping UC staff informed