Cross Cultural Interactions Workshop

This one-day programme will provide you with the tools necessary to enhance cross-cultural competence in your daily exchanges with students and colleagues with whom there may be cultural differences.

When: Friday 27th November

This workshop is complementary to the two day workshop Tangata Tū Tangata Ora, it is recommended that you have attended this prior to Cross Cultural Interactions.

To register: The form can be found here.

If you have further questions please contact one of the L&D Team.

Construction at 24 Kirkwood Ave

On Tuesday 24 November, 24 Kirkwood Avenue will become a construction site.  Two temporary Portacoms are to be built on the site as part of the CETF decanting requirements for the Mechanical Engineering Department. The site will be fenced off to prevent public access into the site.

Please contact David Wong (Capital Works Project Manager) if you have any issues or queries at: 027 839 5090.

Developing country scholarship winners graduate in special ceremony

Congratulations to the New Zealand scholarship winners who are now graduates of the University of Canterbury.

New Zealand scholarships are offered to candidates from nominated developing countries around the world, and are funded by NZ AID.

NZ Aid Completion Ceremony, A4 lecture Theatre 16.11.15 Hamish Cochrane, Jim Dragna, Matthew Allen, NZ Foreign Affairs and Trade, Shelley Chapelle. Being presented, graduating. Douglas Aufiu Samanan Kittijarot Lu Xuan Dai Florentine Masingau Gaylodr Mitto Paul Oyier Ana Rachid Casnati Christopher Ruigu Doctor Segweni Naomay Tor

UC currently has approximately 100 students under this scholarship scheme. They study in a wide range of subjects and degrees, which all focus on the particular developmental needs of each country as scholars are bound to return to their home country for two years at the completion of their study to help contribute to its development.

A ceremony was held on Monday to celebrate their graduation because New Zealand scholarship winners usually have to leave the country shortly after finishing their exams for visa reasons, so can’t attend graduation in December or April.


Douglas Aufiu (Solomon Islands, Bachelor of Commerce), Paul Oyier (Kenya, Master of Forestry Science), Christopher Ruigu (Kenya, Master in Water Resource Management), Doctor Segweni (Botswana, Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management), Benard Mitto (Kenya, Postgraduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science), Xuan Dai Lu (Vietnam, Master of Engineering in Transportation) Front row: Naomay Norma Tor (Vanuatu, Bachelor of Science), Samanan Kittijarot (Thailand, Master of Laws), Florentine Masingnau (Vanuatu, Bachelor of Commerce), Ana Cecilia Rachid Casnati (Uruguay, PhD in Forestry).

21st Biennial New Zealand Asian Studies Conference, 29 Nov-1 Dec 2015

The School of Language, Social and Political Sciences will be hosting the 21st New Zealand Asian Studies Conference from 29 November to 1 December.

The conference is the largest gathering of Asia specialists in New Zealand and attracts participants from New Zealand as well as from overseas.

The conference theme is ‘Asian Intersections: Identities and Linkages’.

More than 130 papers will be presented at the conference covering a range of disciplines across the diverse regions of Asia.

Many of the conference panels explore the plural and complex networks that have crossed countries and regions, intersecting histories and cultures.

Door Knocker, Nagasaki

As part of our community engagement, a number of events on Sunday, 29 November, will be open to the public, including the keynote address by Prof Xianglong Zhang and the screening of a documentary on the partition of India and Pakistan.

The Sunday events from 3:45 pm to 6:45 pm (Central Lecture Theatres) are open to the public. In conjunction with the conference, the ‘Discovering De Jong’ exhibition will be held in the library from 27 November to 13 December.

This exhibition showcases manuscripts, rare books and journals on Central and Southeast Asian religions held at the University of Canterbury library.

Click here for more information on the conference or email

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