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Quick poll | location tracking tools around campus

In order to fulfil the requirements of Alert Level 2, there are opportunities around campus to scan your Canterbury Card or the QR codes for location tracking purposes.

Even at Alert Level 1 we will need to continue location tracking. For that reason, we are interested to see how many people are using the tools available and to understand why some may not be.

Please take a moment to answer the quick questions below to help with this. 

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How often do you use our location tracking tools (e.g. Canterbury cards, QR codes)?
How often do you use our location tracking tools (e.g. Canterbury cards, QR codes)?
How often do you use our location tracking tools (e.g. Canterbury cards, QR codes)?
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If you have answered hardly ever or not at all, can you indicate why?
If you have answered hardly ever or not at all, can you indicate why?
If you have answered hardly ever or not at all, can you indicate why?

How safe is it to exercise at the gym?

The RecCentre has been open for just over a week now, and in the first week, we’ve seen just over 620 members, across 1355 visits, have a safe and enjoyable experience at the gym.  We’ve recorded 1355 visits, some of you have been just once, whilst others have come a bit more frequently.  So, how safe is the gym?

Based on what we know, Covid-19 appears to be spread primarily through close personal contact with an infected person, or potentially through touching high contact surfaces. So, gyms don’t necessarily pose a greater risk than any other public space where people gather.  Our team have taken extra precautions to keep you safe, and there are a few things you can do as well to reduce your risk of becoming sick.

  • Physical distancing – 2m between exercisers at all times, sadly no high fives or physical assists/spots at this time
  • Cleaning – our team cleans down high touch points every 90mins, and our members have their own disinfecting kit to clean down equipment before and after use .  In addition, our gym is part of the UC fogging schedule
  • Hand & Face Hygiene – sanitiser stations are everywhere, including on arrival.  Bathrooms are available to wash your hands with soap and water for 20secs. Also, try to remember to not touch your face!
  • Reduced capacity – having less people in the gym and classes, means it’s easier for you to keep your distance
  • Bookings essential – we can easily comply with track and tracing requirements, and you can avoid FOMO by booking your workout session.  We clear the building at the end of every session, so we can do the high touchpoint cleaning and manage our entry & exit points for physical distancing
  • Stay home – we expect our staff to stay home if they feel unwell.  We expect our members to do the same.  We have over 100 recorded workouts on our YouTube channel if you feel good enough to exercise, but that little tickle in your throat or allergies says you should stay home.

As we progress through Alert Level 2, the team aims to open up more services and facilities, allowing greater capacity in the gym, longer opening hours  and the return of sport.   We’ve seen some great etiquette so far, and if this continues we should see this progress nicely.

Me taiki, noho pai.  Take care and stay well.
UC Rec & Sport

MASSAGE THERAPY is back at the Rec Centre: OPEN 26th May

Haumanu Mirimiri | Massage Therapy


We have all been through so much over the last few weeks in such a fractured time. Why not take some time out whilst your on campus to treat yourself to a massage that can help de-stress those achy muscles from weeks of working at the desk. Our therapists are here to care for you and help support your wellbeing.

We have made a few changes to how we operate but still offer a great service and will open up part time initially. 

OPENING Tuesday 26th of May

With the current status of COVID-19 and Alert level 2 in New Zealand, we have been recommended by Massage New Zealand (MNZ) to follow the health professionals guidelines from the ministry of health and can open.

Procedures Alert level 2:

  • Only 45 min and 60 minute appointments are available
  • We need to work in with block bookings for opening hours of the Rec Centre and cleaning schedules
  • Please bring your own WATER
  • Sign in at Reception and wait in the allied health waiting area for your appointment
  • 1 metre distancing from all people in the circulation space and in the waiting area
  • We have 1 use-masks available if you want to use them during your massage
  • Therapists are to use masks at their discretion
  • If you show any signs of being UNWELL you MUST rebook or cancel your massage and/or, the therapist has right of refusal to treat should you show signs of being unwell
  • Please sanitize your hands before and after your appointment
  • There is 30 minutes in between appointments to allow for cleaning and sanitizing of the massage room

We look forward to seeing you

BOOK HERE: https://www.canterbury.ac.nz/ucreccentre/massage/

Preparing for Change

As we head into Level 2, many of us will experience mixed emotions about this change. We all respond to change in different ways, therefore it is important that we remember to be kind to ourselves and others during this transition.

Here are some ways that you can prepare yourself for change:

  • Create a list of positive outcomes: Change can be an overwhelming process therefore it is important that we think about the positive things that can occur as a result of change. Make a list of positive outcomes from this change for you to refer back to when you need a positivity boost.
  • Create a self-care plan: To remind you of the coping strategies that you can use if you ever become overwhelmed or need a break.
  • Voice your concerns: Speak to a friend or a family member about any concerns that you may have about the change, you may find that they too feel the same way.
  • Give yourself time to adjust: Be kind to yourself, change can take time to adjust to, take one day a time.
  • Celebrate small victories: During this transition it is important that we celebrate the small wins. Give yourself a pat on the back for getting up on time; for missing the morning traffic; for going to the library to study instead of staying at home; or for completing a workout; these are only a few examples.

Uni Pharmacy at Covid-19 Level 2

The University of Canterbury Pharmacy is here to support all Students, Faculty and University employees. We are open 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday during Covid-19 level 2.

The Pharmacy and Post Shop is open for all Prescriptions, over the counter medications, health care needs and gifts, and for all our normal postal services.

For your safety and convenience your Doctor can e-mail/fax your prescription to us.

Due to Government Covid-19 restrictions on medicine supply most prescriptions need to be dispensed in monthly lots. You may find it convenient to have your prescription sent to us to supply your medication as you can collect it whilst on Campus.

During Level 2 restrictions you will need to scan the University QR code at the door to facilitate contact tracing, use the hand sanitiser when entering and exiting and keep your distance from others when in the Pharmacy.

We can only have 6 customers in the Pharmacy at a time at the moment, so at busy times you may need to queue at the door, please follow the floor markings for this.

If you have a cough or fever give us a call rather than coming in so we can discuss the best way to help.

Any queries please do not hesitate to phone or email us.

Phone 03 364-2215

Email manager@unipharmacycanterbury.co.nz