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Student First Programme and Contact Centre working together for better staff and student experience

The Student First Programme and Contact Centre teams have worked closely this year as part of the continued enhancements to our myUC online enrolment system.

The Contact Centre receives up to 6150 contacts per month by phone, email and web chat, rising to up to 15400 over the enrolment period from November to March. On average, questions about the enrolment process make up about 45% of queries.

Since the Contact Centre is usually the first point for contact for prospective students wanting more information about enrolling or help with their application, it’s been vital to ensure the team has the latest information on hand for a positive customer experience.

With the enhancements to myUC there are increased self-service options for students, and the application and enrolment process is much faster and more user-friendly.

This has meant a significant decrease in calls to the Contact Centre asking for help with enrolment or problems with the system – calls about help with enrolment are down 20% compared to the same period last year, even though the total number of applications is higher.

“The Student First Programme is great for us…it’s made our lives easier and simpler. We look forward to every release – we don’t know how we got through without the ourUC staff portal!” – Acting Contact Centre Team Leader, Jane Pearce

With less time taken up on basic queries or system issues, the Contact Centre team have more time to spend on high value tasks and assisting customers with more complex enquiries. Student First Programme team members have supported them with training and by sitting with the team to understand their needs. This means releases have gone smoothly and the team can focus on what they do best, providing excellent customer service.

The latest exciting development is the ourUC staff portal, which allows UC staff to apply on behalf of a student and perform admin tasks in myUC. The Contact Centre were the first to get access to this new feature, which has made an enormous difference to their work and ability to efficiently help students. Their feedback will help inform future developments.

If you’d like to know more, contact the Student First Programme anytime. We are always happy to provide demos or training for your team so we can help you get the maximum benefit from the new tools we’re developing.

Easy Enrolment Early Release

Walter Elliott once said “Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other”.

This quote aptly describes the Student First Programme | Ākonga ki Mua (‘Programme’), which encompasses many finish lines. Progressing past each finish line contributes to building a student management system experience for students and staff that is simple, fast and certain.

I am pleased to announce the achievement of the first of these finish lines this month with the successful launch of the Easy Enrolment Early Release (‘Early Release’) for the College of Education, Health and Human Development | Te Rāngai Ako me te Hauora (‘CEHHD’). Achieving this means that student applicants interested in our Teaching Programmes can now apply online.

Providing this option removes the barrier between the digital world our teaching student applicants live in and the paper-based, manual way they enrolled previously.

Collaboration has featured strongly in this success – thank you to our CEHHD and Student Services colleagues. I especially acknowledge our ITS colleagues for their solid support.

To date the Early Release has fielded over 100 submitted applications.

Three weeks into the Early Release student and staff feedback has been encouraging with a number of early benefits identified. For our student applicants, no more lengthy paper-based applications, they can upload and store supporting documents and they know exactly where they’re at within the initial application process. For our staff, no more keying in paper-based applications and centralised access to documentation means more time to focus on other higher value activities.

These early benefits align strongly to building an experience for students and staff that is simple, fast and certain and contributes to the University’s drive to recover student numbers back up to
pre-earthquake levels.

One thing’s clear, perseverance is key if we’re to transform the experience we provide to our students and to you, our staff.

Ngā mihi
Dr Hamish Cochrane
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) | Te Tumu Tuarua Ākonga
Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) Student First Programme

NOTE:  The ‘Student First Programme Team will report directly into Professor Ian Wright, after Dr Hamish Cochrane leaves.