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UC Bike Parking Update

The Sustainability Office is currently working on a plan to get 1,500 additional bike parks onto campus. This needs to be done as a staged project given that many sites we want to put bike stands in are currently under construction or have hoardings around them. However, we are making progress. For example, we have recently placed an order for an additional 300 bike parks, which should be in place in the next few months. Additionally, parking for 110 bikes is currently becoming available on the north side of Engineering and the Health Centre. Last term we also welcomed back the enclosed bike parking facility on Creyke Rd (for 80 bikes), which had been unavailable for two years.

fullsizerender-002Also, you will start seeing these posters around in the secure cycle stands as an integral part of UC’s programme towards more secure cycle parking.

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Bike security alert

There have been a number of bikes stolen from various locations throughout the University in the past six  weeks. We have employed additional security staff to patrol the bike stands that have been targeted by the thieves and have been working with NZ Police to try and identify these offenders.

I would ask that all students and staff secure their bikes to the bike racks by the rear wheel and frame with a good quality D lock, and if they see anything suspicious in and around the University to contact the security helpdesk immediately on 0800 823 637 or extension  6111.Bike lock

UC Bike parking update March 2016

Over the last two years we have been upping cycle parking and improving the quality of cycle stands. As a result of this programme, we have now almost recovered our cycle parking capacity to pre-earthquake levels.

We have also just had another order approved for more cycle stands, and these will be used mainly to support cyclists around Engineering – and particularly at a soon to be created temporary cycle park on Creyke Rd (at the main North/South entrance to Engineering).

uc bike

We are starting to see some initial plans for expanded cycle parking spaces on campus as the remediation programme continues. As many of you will have seen, bike parking on campus remains a challenge, but please rest assured that we are doing everything we can to improve the current facilities – and increasing cycle parking is the first priority.

Remember, if you want to find a free bike stand in the centre of the Ilam Campus, there is lots of available parking at the Matariki building – as close to Puaka/James Hight Library as you can get.