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UC Cafe shutdown, summer 2018/2019

Site/Department Close Date Open Date
Undercroft Thurs 15 Nov Mid-Feb 2019
Chilton’s Fri 14 Dec Mon 7 Jan
Nuts and Bolts Fri 14 Dec Mon 7 Jan
Café 1894 Fri 14 Dec Mon 21 Jan
Production Kitchen Fri 14 Dec Mon 21 Jan
Shilling Club Fri 21 Dec Mon 21 Jan
Collective Thurs 20 Dec Mon 14 Jan
Café 101 Thurs 20 Dec Tues 8 Jan
Reboot Thurs 20 Dec Tues 8 Jan
Ancestral Fri 21 Dec Mon 14 Jan
Mix Café Thurs 20 Dec Mon 14th Jan (coffee only)
Mon 11 February (full food service)

Café 1894 has moved with the times!

The appeal and potential for vegan and vegetarian food is expanding to include a much larger consumer base seeking healthier foods.

To this end Café 1894 has increased its offerings, all served in compostable packaging.

We have a delicious Vegan Polenta Bruschetta w/a Olive Tapenade, fresh rice paper rolls, moreish Spicy Tofu Taco Salad, scrummy Flourless Chocolate Torte and Gluten Free Citrus Tarts to name a few.

Café 1894 continues to deliver wonderful coffee from Common Good, a company committed to an ethical sustainable business.

There is also a larger variety of slices and cakes that cater to the gluten and dairy free as well as those with a hunger for the divinely sweet!