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CHCH101 students present their work at the Epic Building



The final session of CHCH101 for Semester 2 was held in the BNZ Lounge of the Epic Building in the Innovation Precinct. Following the Ministry of Awesome’s Coffee and Jam format, the nine student groups presented their work with the following community organisations:

  • Bike Share Christchurch
  • The Buskathon
  • City Council Graffiti Prevention Team
  • Epic Building
  • Gap Filler
  • Imagination Station
  • Riccarton-Wigram Community Board
  • Spring Feast for Women at the City Mission
  • The Unreasonable Institute

The students  presented their individual Healing Proposals, which are ideas to improve a specific aspect of a specific community. Their work of over 400 hours helped to advance the causes of these organisations and provided them with valuable employability skills and experiences. There were awesome displays of passion, planning, and purpose ranging from:

  • shifting food leftovers from waste to meals
  • a volunteering matchmaking app
  • post-party clean up crews
  • volunteer rowing coaching
  • inter-generational initiatives
  • an edible forest on the UC campus
  • improving public facilities in parts of Christchurch.

We’re confident we’ll see some of these ideas come to life here and in other parts of the world!

Many thanks to Nic Hetherington, Felicity Jane, and Luke Gillespie for co-teaching the course, the community partners for collaborating with us, and the students for getting into it! ‪

Highlight from the Hub

UC’s mini-campus for Park(ing) Day on 18 September

As part of International Park(ing) Day, we had well over 100 people interact with us throughout the day and engage with the cool things that are going on at UC in teaching and research

International Park(ing) Day was coordinated locally by Gap Filler and CHCH101 students, and the UC Community Engagement Hub who organised a UC mini-campus across four parking spaces on Victoria Street. Lectures were delivered by Tom Matthews (UC Management) and Kara Kennedy (UC English) and a display of Antarctic gear was hosted by Gateway Antarctica postgraduate students Gabriela Roldan and Peter Taylor.

An interactive art station was facilitated by CHCH101 teaching assistant Felicity Powell, and basketball shots, golf swings, and vertical jumps were analysed by UC PE and Sport lecturer Jenny Clarke.

Volunteering in the Nepal earthquake rebuild

We all know what’s it’s like to go through an earthquake. Well, imagine enduring that in a village with limited running water and sanitation, poorly constructed buildings, no motorised transport, and very limited infrastructure. And then imagine trying to rebuild all that. By hand.

My wife and I are volunteering to go to Nepal to help in support of the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. We are going over there through an NZ volunteer organisation for two weeks in December to help in whatever ways we can. We will mostly be rebuilding schools by hand in villages. We will have to walk a few hours to get to the villages, and sleep in temporary accommodation. It will be winter over there. We will eat the same food the villagers eat, two meals a day.

Would you consider helping us get there by making a donation?

We are volunteering through a New Zealand organisation called Global Volunteer Network Foundation (GVN), who have been working with communities in Nepal since 2002.

Even a small donation will be helpful. I have put a link below where you can read a bit more about why we are doing this, and to make a donation if you would like to through our page with the Global Volunteer Network Foundation.

Please note that your donation and our financial goal is in US$. Our goal on the fundraising page is US$3,000. This money covers all our costs while volunteering in Nepal as well as paying the staff there who are co-ordinating us, to make sure that we don’t cost the people of Nepal anything while helping them! Anything over the US$3,000 goal is donated to the schools we are helping rebuild. We have already personally paid for our airfares ($6,000 – ouch!) so your donation does not go to the airlines.

You can click here to read a bit more about why we are doing this, and to make a donation if you would like to. (Or copy this link and paste it into your browser.)


The process is quick, easy, and secure. We truly value your support. We appreciate it, and we know it will make a difference to the people in Nepal that we help.

Thank you.


Martin Budd.
Learning & Development Department
Human Resources

Free on-campus legal advice for staff and students

The UC Law Clinic, in association with Community Law Canterbury (CLC), is offering a free legal advice service to staff and students of the University, and their families – on any topic.

This confidential service, under the supervision of a qualified and practicing CLC solicitor, will be available on selected Wednesday afternoons from 2pm to 5pm. Appointments may be made for the time-slots of 2pm, 3pm, or 4pm on any of the following Wednesdays: 19 August; 9, 16, 23 and 30 September and 7 October 2015. The venue is Room 155A in the foyer of the Business and Law Building in University Drive.

Please email your preferred appointment day and time to the law clinic and a confirmation email will be sent in reply. If you have any queries, please email Professor Robin Palmer or call him on ext. 8818.