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UCSA building site, trial evacuation 6 Sep

The ground has been broken, Leighs Construction are on site, and work has started on the new UCSA building. Leighs are currently marking up the site and working on the construction of ground beams.

Trial evacuation
Leighs will be conducting a site evacuation trial on Wednesday 6 September (tomorrow) at 8am. Please be aware an air horn on the site will sound three times and may be heard from other parts of the campus. Leighs will be carrying out trial evacuations every 3 months as part of their safety plan.

Think first – Kia mataara
Take care when you’re near a construction site on campus. Watch for trucks and other vehicles coming and going.

UCSA building site update – April

Early enabling works and ground improvements are continuing on the UCSA building site.

During April and May a large excavator will be carrying out earthworks and stabilising the ground. Large machinery will also be on site compacting gravel.

Noise levels are likely to increase – as well as general construction noise, there will be heavy compaction of gravel and truck movements.

Please take care when travelling near the site – watch for construction vehicles coming and going.

Note – The footbridge located between the UCSA site and University Drive (opposite the University Bookshop) will remain closed until the end of May. Please continue to use the two footbridges located between the Health Centre and University Drive (opposite the ICT car park). See more information

All early enabling works and ground improvements are expected to be completed by June.

If you have any concerns please contact David Wong, UCSA Project Manager – email david.wong@canterbury.ac.nz

UCSA building update

UCSA building demolition work was completed during the summer break. Early enabling works and ground improvements are due to start late February – this involves excavating and compacting gravel, and stabilising soil with cement on the north side of the site.

There will be general construction noise associated with this work, and vehicles coming and going from the site. Please take care when travelling near the site – slow down and look out for others.

Early enabling works and ground improvements are expected to be completed by June. Construction on the new UCSA building is expected to start mid-year.

Below – An artist impression of the Ngaio Marsh Theatre in the new UCSA building, which is due to open in 2019.


Building work starting on Dovedale Campus

On Monday 18 April construction work will start on the building located near the corner of Parkstone Ave and the entrance to Car Park 1 on Dovedale Campus.

The building, previously occupied by Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery School, is being extended and refurbished to accommodate the Ilam Early Learning Centre which is moving to Dovedale Campus in mid-2016.

Some construction equipment and machinery may be stored in Car Park 1 during the project, however staff and students will continue to have access to the car park throughout the work. Low levels of construction noise are expected during the project.

Currently located on Ilam Campus next to the UCSA building, the Early Learning Centre is being moved to Dovedale Campus to avoid any disruption when the existing UCSA building is demolished and rebuilt. Demolition work is due to start on the UCSA building in the middle of the year and construction work on the new building is expected to finish in 2018.

The building work on Dovedale Campus is due to finish in July. For more information about this project contact David Wong, Project Manager.

Timeline of construction activities – NEB site

A timeline of construction activities has been developed for the NEB building (next to the Central Lecture Theatres/opposite the Geography building). The timeline outlines what levels and types of noise to expect at each stage of construction.

Structural work is currently being carried out on the building and is expected to continue until August/September this year.

The project team is aware the noise generated during structural work can be disruptive for those working in surrounding buildings.

Concrete cutting activities are generating significant noise and where possible these will be carried out before 9am and after 5pm on week days. Between 9am and 5pm on week days there will be intermittent construction noise as per the construction activity timeline.

For more information contact Alan Palmer, Project Manager.

Noise at Work
Take a look at our previous post outlining options available to staff when noise levels negatively impact the work environment.

Below – an Artist’s impression of the exterior of the NEB building.

14-41_150805_NEB_PD_Exterior Perspective SW_AAL smaller