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New Resources for UCPL document writers

Want to know how to improve your policy drafting  or where to start if you are new to drafting  documents ? Want to know where to find Contact Officer details when you have queries on a  UC Policy Library (UCPL) document?  Read on to find out the answers.

Policy documents held in the UC Policy Library show role titles rather than staff names, as the people in these roles can change frequently.

It can be hard to find contact details for some members of UC staff on the UC web so to make identifying and contacting UCPL Contact Officers easier, their contact information is now accessible via the UC Policy library>

The Policy Unit has also developed a policy drafting style guide for writing documents that  staff can use. 

The recent UC Admin Plus session on drafting documents provided  more detailed instruction on how to write a policy document, this  resource can be used for drafting other types of compliance documents as well.

If you have any queries about writing policy and/or other compliance documents, feel free to contact the Policy Unit at: ucpolicy@canterbury.ac.nz.