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I braced myself for the impact…

Earlier this year, second year student Victoria was in a hurry to get to a lecture on time – she knew she was cutting it fine. Here she talks about why she didn’t make it to the lecture at all…

The lecture was about to start and I knew how long it would take me to bike to Ilam campus from Avonhead. I biked past Dovedale campus and then along Ilam Fields. As I got to the Ilam Road crossing I saw a car coming, which I thought would stop for the crossing. I slowed but didn’t stop and entered the crossing.

Pretty much as soon as I entered the crossing I knew the car hadn’t slowed down enough to stop. I was the only one on the crossing and I remember the car vividly, it was coming towards me and it was getting so close, freakishly close. I knew the car was going to hit me.

The impact
I don’t really remember the car hitting me, but I remember lying on my back on the ground and feeling my legs tingling and an odd sensation. I felt extremely winded and could feel pressure on my left side. Security staff told me later that I had jammed on my brakes, put my foot down and I braced myself for the impact.

I was hit on the crossing but landed a few metres away on the road. I was just taken along with the car as it was moving. I was wearing my helmet – so glad that I did. A whole chunk of it broke off. The ambulance guys told me if I hadn’t been wearing it, I would have been knocked out.

It happened so quickly – in a couple of seconds. I was lucky there wasn’t a car coming from the other direction. I just lay on the ground for a couple of minutes afterwards and closed my eyes – possibly in denial! I think I was in shock. I think the driver who hit me was in shock too.

The aftermath  
Heaps of people came to help me, and the security team were really fast at calling an ambulance and getting all my stuff together.

I had bruising on my ribs from where the car hit me, and bruises and cuts from the road on my legs – I was lucky. Because I was on a bike I was elevated, if I was a pedestrian I would have been bowled over.

I sent a text to my friend afterwards and told her what had happened. As you can imagine I got a quick reply. She took me home – driving very cautiously! I never did get to the lecture. 

My ribs took the longest to heal, they took most of the impact and were quite uncomfortable for a while. I think it took me a week to understand everything that had happened.

Think first
I’m definitely more cautious now and a lot more aware of what’s happening around me. I don’t take the same risks, it’s just not worth it – it’s better to be a couple of minutes late and to get there safely in one piece.

If you do take a risk you’re putting yourself and other people in a vulnerable position. You’ve got to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Imagine being the driver, they don’t want to hit a cyclist or pedestrian just as much as you don’t want to be hit.  

Below: the damage to Victoria’s bike helmet. 

Uni-Cycle update

Christchurch City Council resumes work along the Uni-Cycle route on the north side of Ilam fields today. The work is expected to take around six weeks.

Construction of the Uni-Cycle route along Ilam Road is also expected to start this week. Most of the work will be carried out at night to minimise the impact on traffic.

Please take care when travelling through these areas. Follow all on-site signage and look out for construction crews and others.

More information about the Uni-Cycle route is available at https://ccc.govt.nz/transport/cycling/major-cycle-routes/cycle-routes/uni-cycle/

uni-cycle update – all of University Drive one-way

From today, Monday 9 January 2017, the one-way system on University Drive (heading east towards Clyde Road) will be in place along the whole length of University Drive.

  • Access to University Drive will be from Ilam Road only. There will continue to be no entry to University Drive from Clyde Road. Exit from University Drive will be via Clyde Road only.
  • Access to the Okeover, ICT, Law and Clyde car parks will be via Ilam Road only. When exiting the car parks, left turn only towards Clyde Road.
  • Pedestrians should follow the signed detour routes.
  • Cyclists can use Arts Road or Kirkwood Ave, or follow the signed detour route as well. Do not enter University Drive from Clyde Road and cycle into oncoming traffic.

Please take extra care when travelling through the area – slow down, follow onsite signage and look out for others.

The work on University Drive is expected to be completed in early February. More information about the Uni-Cycle route is available on the Christchurch City Council website.

Update: Uni-cycle work, Ilam fields

Please note the timeframe for completing Uni-Cycle work on Ilam fields has changed.

Work is currently being carried out on the existing path on the north side of Ilam Fields.

This work was scheduled to finish before Christmas, however due to unexpected delays with the contractor, the new expected completion date is early February.

Find out more about the Uni-Cycle on the Christchurch City Council website

Uni-Cycle work starts next week

Contractors will start construction work on the Uni-Cycle route  on Monday 21 November.

The Uni-Cycle route, which connects UC to the central city, will run along University Drive, Ilam Road and across Ilam Fields to Dovedale Ave.

Two crews will be working – one on University Drive and the second on Ilam Fields.

University Drive
Work will be carried out in three stages along University Drive starting from the Clyde Road end and moving towards Ilam Road.

During each stage a one-way system heading east (towards Clyde Road) will be in place in the area of work.

Stage one: 21 November – 21 December

  • Work will be carried out on University Drive between the entrance to Clyde (Arts) Car Park and Clyde Road.
  • A one-way system heading east (towards Clyde Road) will be in place on University Drive in the work area.
  • There will be no entry from Clyde Road onto University Drive.
  • Vehicles coming from Clyde Road should access the Clyde Car Park via Arts Road.
  • Vehicles exiting the Clyde Car Park onto University Drive will not be able to turn right (towards Ilam Road). Left turn only.
  • Two way traffic will remain on University Drive between Ilam Road and the east entrance to the Law Car Park.
  • The footpath will be closed on the south side of University Drive in the work area. Pedestrians will be detoured via the footpath that heads towards the Clyde Car Park.


Further information for stages two and three will be provided before each starts.

Ilam Fields
The existing path on the north side of Ilam Fields will be widened in sections. Pedestrians and cyclists using the path should follow any detours in place.

The work on Ilam Fields is expected to be completed by Christmas, and all work along University Drive is expected to be completed by early February 2017.

Please take care when travelling through these areas – slow down, follow onsite signage and look out for others.