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Key Trends in Digital Humanities: How the Digital Humanities Challenge the Idea of the Humanities

UC Digital Humanities Programme presents a seminar by Visiting Fulbright Specialist Professor Alan Liu (University of California, Santa Barbara), thanks to the generous support of the Fulbright Scholar Program.

How do such key methods in the digital humanities as data mining, mapping, visualization, social network analysis, and topic modeling make an essential difference in the idea of the humanities, and vice versa? Using examples of digital humanities research, Alan will speculate on the large questions that confront the humanities in the face of computational media – most importantly, questions about the nature and function of interpretive “meaning”. Read more…

  • Date: Wednesday 28 October 2015, 04:00PM to 28 October 2015, 05:30PM
  • Location: Undercroft 100, Puaka James Hight Building, University of Canterbury Ilam Campus

Parsing Parliament: Parliament’s proceedings as speech, text and data

Digital Research Seminar Series – Talk #8
Geoff Ford (PhD candidate, Political Science)

In this seminar Geoff discusses construction of a corpus of New Zealand Parliamentary Debates and what can be learned from the corpus about Parliament’s proceedings and how political parties are using Parliament. He will discuss and illustrate a range of ways of approaching analysis of the text of parliamentary speeches (including basic programmatic parsing, techniques from corpus linguistics, and topic modelling) and some of the associated problems. Read more…

  • Date: Monday 5 October 2015, 11am-12.30pm
  • Location: Room 151, Psycology/Sociology building, Ilam Campus