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Make light of emailing from a list of names

Do you ever have to send an email to a long list of people, and perhaps laboriously type in all the names, or copy them in one-by-one?

Let me save you a lot of typing. And time.

Picture a situation where you have a list of names – usually it is a list in an Excel spreadsheet, or a Word document – and you need to send an email to everyone on the list.

Did you know that you can select the whole list, copy it and paste it into the To: field in the email? Yep. Simple as that.

  1. Select all the names in the list
  2. Copy (Ctrl+C)
  3. Click in the To: field in the email message
  4. Paste (Ctrl+V)
  5. Press Ctrl+K (hold down the Ctrl key and press K). This forces Outlook to check the names, and “complete” them.


NOTE, an important consideration when emailing to a list of recipients: It is almost always better to use the BCC: field when emailing to a list of recipients. This reduces the size of the email header when viewed by the recipient and prevents all of the recipients from seeing the contact details of all of the other recipients.

If you find this useful, it will save you a lot of time.

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Want Action From an Email?

Just a reminder: if you are sending an email to multiple recipients, make sure the ones you want some kind of action or response from are in the To:  field, not the CC:  field.

It might sound obvious, but sometimes people expect action from those in the CC:  field, and wonder why they are not getting a response.

Think of the CC:  field as a “For Your Information” field.

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Don’t type that text – dictate!
Press Enter!

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