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Making An Emergency Call On-Campus Using Your Mobile Phone

In 2015 I did a tip on who to call in an emergency situation on campus. Answer: call security on 6111.

What about an emergency call on-campus using your mobile phone?

If you are faced with an emergency on-campus and are using your mobile phone to call for help, call 0800 823 637. This is the emergency Security number. Program this into your phone now.

Why call the emergency Security number and not 111?

Emergency Services can easily have trouble finding you on the campus.
Security will:
– Ask you for relevant details, such as your name, your contact number, nature of your emergency, incident location, etc.
– Call emergency services (if required)
– Attend the site with an Artificial External Defibrillator (AED) (if required) – all security staff are trained first responders
– Bring Health Centre Staff to the site (if required)
– Meet the emergency services at a designated place on campus and escort them to the scene of the incident.

If you are NOT on-campus and need to make an emergency call, call 111. You can call 111 on a mobile phone even if the phone is out of credit. See the Emergency services website for information on calling emergency services in New Zealand.

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Emergency Planning at UC

Did you know the University has a trained rescue squad on campus?

Do you want to learn skills to deal with emergency situations?

Do you want to gain additional N.Z.Q.A credits while
studying at University of Canterbury?

170831 - Emergency rescueYou can join our team and learn new skills and meet some new people with similar interests.

We meet on a weekly basis on a Tuesday night from 1600 until 1800.

As part of our team we run a structured training program that can lead to additional qualifications to boost your c.v.

Some of the training we provide can lead to:

  • U.S.A.R . Awareness Orange Card
  • Teamwork and communication skills
  • Co-ordinated Incident Management (C.I.M.s level 2 and 4)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Emergency Response (Level 2)

For further information:

For recruitment and general enquiries relating to University of Canterbury Community Rescue, contact:

Ken McEwen
Manger – UC Security
Rescue Manager

Email: ken.mcewen@canterbury.ac.nz