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New Course Selector now live for 2019 Enrolments

Earlier this year the Student First Programme completed User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for our new Course Selector, a new feature available in myUC which helps students select their courses with an easy to use ‘shopping cart’ interface.

As planned, the Course Selector is now live and immediately visible to new students enrolling for courses in 2019. It will be visible to returning students from late November.

Through search and filter capability the tool helps students select courses quickly and with confidence – giving them a faster and more certain enrolment experience, which is one of the key benefits of the Student First Programme. It’s the next phase of an improved student administration experience which will help UC to grow student numbers and better respond to customer expectations.

The Course Selector is the result of a lot of hard work behind the scenes to get to this point, so thank you to everyone who has been involved along the way.

If you are aware of any new students enrolling for 2019 and using the new system, we would love to hear their feedback. Please ask them to let the team know by emailing studentfirstfeedback@canterbury.ac.nz

Student First Programme: How User Acceptance Testing creates better solutions

User Acceptance Testing explained

Recently the Student First Programme team held a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) session for our new Course Selector, which will be launched in October for Enrolment 2019.

What is UAT and why is it important?

User Acceptance Testing is a critical part of the technical delivery process when we’re building software and other systems.

It’s really important to have people outside the Student First Programme team see what we’re building and give us feedback before it goes live. At UC our participants are often testing on behalf of both staff members and students, so the feedback they provide helps ensure what’s being delivered actually helps to improve the student administration experience.

What happens in a session?

Users simulate real life scenarios, such as selecting courses for a Bachelor of Arts, so they can see how the system will look and perform when students use it once it’s live. We use a test or non-production system for UAT sessions, which means people can safely ‘play’ in the knowledge they can break things and its ok!

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What happens to feedback?

All feedback is collated and reviewed by members of the delivery team to discuss and prioritise feedback, taking into consideration possible benefits, technical constraints and delivery resource.

All feedback is considered, and outside of the sessions you can also provide this by emailing studentfirstprogramme@canterbury.ac.nz

How does this help us build better tools?

Conducting UAT with UC staff means we have confidence that what we’re building is aligned to business requirements and makes the student experience more streamlined and efficient. As a result of feedback gathered during UAT, we’re making 6 additional changes to the Course Selector tool in time for the release.

Thanks to all our participants for their insights!

The Course Selector: Coming Soon

The Course Selector is a new feature in myUC which helps students select their courses with an easy to use ‘shopping cart’ interface, similar to many online services. Through search and filter capability it will help students select courses quicker and with confidence – giving them a faster and more certain enrolment experience, which is one of the key benefits of the Student First Programme.
Read more here.

In July we launched the Course Selector for Certificate for University Preparation students as a pilot, and the feedback so far has been positive.

The Course Selector will be launched in myUC for all new students in late September, in time for Enrolments 2019. Watch this space for more updates!

Stunning Christchurch day brings thousands to Open Day | Rā Tōmene

On Thursday 12 July we welcomed thousands of prospective students, their families and whānau onto campus for UC Open Day | Rā Tōmene. They got the opportunity to learn more about study options, tour the campus, and get a glimpse of our state-of-the-art new facilities and a taste of the UC student experience.

The stunning Christchurch winter day brought over 4200 visitors to campus compared to 3693 visitors last year. On the trails we gave out 550 hot chocolates and 2000 packs of mini donuts.

The University is experiencing a post-quake resurgence in enrolment numbers this year as school-leavers from around Aotearoa New Zealand are coming to UC for tertiary study. Enrolment numbers were up 7% across the board in 2018 and it is hoped we will see a similar trend in 2019 which Open Day | Rā Tōmene is a direct contributor to this success.

This event takes months of planning and involves hundreds of staff and students to show UC at its best. We definitely did that today, and I thank everyone who has worked tirelessly to put this event together, and the staff and student volunteers who provided a friendly face for our visitors today.

It would be great to hear what you thought of Open Day | Rā Tōmene and how you think it can be made bigger and better in future. Please fill in the survey here>

Ngā mihi,

Dr Rod Carr
Vice-Chancellor | Tumu Whakarae

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Enrol in Person: New process for Semester Two 2018

You may recall the long queues that have traditionally marked international enrolment in person. This is set to change for the next intake in Semester 2, with improvements being piloted by the Student Success and Enrolments teams and the Student First Programme to ensure that students arrive prepared and UC is better able to manage the process.

What are we doing differently?

• International students arriving for Semester 2 are being targeted with specific communications to ensure they arrive in New Zealand with courses selected and the correct documentation submitted.

• Student Advisors from the Colleges are proactively reaching out to students to provide course advice.

• Students are booking into scheduled enrolment events on campus between 4 -13 July. These events are a joint initiative between Enrolments, the Colleges, Student Success, the Finance Team, IRO, and SSAC.

• While the administration process happens behind the scenes, the 20 students in each session are whisked off to a specially designed event run by Student Success.

• The International Student Lounge will be set up in Level 2, Puaka-James Hight from 4-13 July and will host events along with Matariki.

Benefits of the new process

• Students know ahead of time when their enrolment will be processed.
• Rather than waste time in queues, students have an opportunity to ask questions, meet friends, and relax in a student friendly environment.
• UC staff know who is coming and when and can use the structure to better plan and prepare resources.
• Pilot for Enrolments 2019 – we’re hoping this will make a real difference to the student experience and relieve the pressure on staff. This is a great opportunity to stress test the new process and refine it before the next large international student intake in 2019.

Who’s involved?

• College Student Advisors: Early course advice
• Programme Coordinators / Heads of Department: Course approvals
• Enrolments Team: Enrolments administration and coordination
• Student Success Team: Enrolment event management
• Finance Team
• Student First Programme: Admission and Enrolment Management project team

How Can You Help?

We need volunteers to greet and talk to students in the welcome centre and international lounge between 4-13 July. If you’re available to help, for any length of time, contact rose.reynolds@canterbury.ac.nz

If you see International students on campus looking lost during this time, direct them to the international student lounge on Level 2, Puaka-James Hight.

• If you are a student advisor/programme coordinator, be proactive in providing course advice over the coming 3-4 weeks
• Proactively work through course approvals prior to 4 July
• During the Enrol In Person Window, please be prepared to work with students who may not have had course advice prior to arriving or need courses approved.

Be aware of what is going on and if someone asks for help, put your hand up.

ITS and Facilities
The operational teams depend on key IT infrastructure over this time so please be prepared to provide support as required.

International enrolment in person – extended hours

UC has experienced an especially busy time with international enrolments on campus and it has been decided to extend hours over the next few days.

Please pass this information on to any concerned international students and assure them they will not be penalised with an extra administration fee.

Friday 16 February, 9am – 5pm
Saturday 17 February, 10am – 1pm
Monday 19 February, 9am – 5pm
Tuesday 20 February, 9am – 5pm

Where: Central Library Puaka-James Hight building